"Bighearted, giving, generous": Zoe Foster-Blake's response to Hamish's Gold Logie win will melt your heart

They truly are the ultimate Aussie power couple!

By Maddison Leach
Zoe Foster-Blake has gushed over her husband Hamish after he won the coveted Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television.
Taking to Instagram on Monday morning, Zoe heaped praise on her "magnificent man" for taking home both the Gold Logie and the Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter.
"I have such admiration for Hame. Awards and high-rating TV juggernaut aside, he is such a bighearted, giving, generous and decent human and aren't we lucky to have him entertain us? Yes. Yes we are.
"Long may his unique brand of gentle, witty nonsense amuse and delight. ❤️" she penned.
"I have such admiration for Hame." (Image: Getty)
But Hamish was the first to admit even a Gold Logie won't make him that cool to his kids.
"If I try and pass this off as the souvenir we bought home from the Gold Coast, there'll be tears," he told TV WEEK exclusively after Sunday night's ceremony.
"So I will have to buy some backups treats at the airport tomorrow."
Sonny and Rudy, his two children with Zoe, may not find their dad's achievement all that exciting yet, but there are two blokes who are very proud of him; Andy Lee and Ryan "The Brickman" McNaught.
Both men were at the TV WEEK Logie Awards and made plenty of appearances with Hamish and the burning question on everyone's mind was, of course, who is his favourite?
"Look like all great lovers, both bring different skills to the table so you can never pick," Hamish jokes of his two greatest career 'bromances'.
"I say there's room for everyone."
Brickman was up on stage with him when Lego Masters took out the 2022 Logie for Most Outstanding Entertainment or Comedy Program.
Meanwhile, Andy has been by Hamish's side since their careers began so long ago, and naturally was voting for his best mate to get the Gold.
"Every handshake's a vote, Hamish and I have been sending out pamphlets," Andy quipped to TV WEEK on the red carpet.
"We had a meeting with [Prime Minister Anthony] Albanese to work out what went well for him, and he gave us a few tips."
Hamish strikes a pose with his Gold Logie. (Image: Getty)
He was joking (we think) but it looks like all the hard work paid off as Hamish added yet another Logie to his collection.
With two Gold Logies under his belt - though he claims the latest counts for three, given there were no Logies in 2020 and 2021 - the TV and radio icon jokes that he can probably take it easy for a few years before trying for a fifth.
"I usually try and win them every 10 years, so I'll take the next eight years easy and then start ramping up again," he laughed.
"[I'll try] to really hit that 2032 high note when I host hologram soccer or whatever the show is in 2032. I hope it is hologram soccer., to be honest."

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