Hamish and Andy admit they had to set boundaries for their dare-filled new series Perfect Holiday

“I asked Andy to keep the chance of us dying at less than 10 percent”

By TV Week team
At the start of their new series Hamish & Andy's "Perfect" Holiday, the funnymen admitted they very much knew their holidays were perfect to them and nobody else. That's mainly because it has them doing crazy stunts and, let's face it – stupid dares.
Next week is no different, with the mates travelling through Alaska, Colorado and Kentucky, to name a few of their destinations.
The challenges they're setting for each other still tread a fine line between fear and fun. Hamish tells TV WEEK they had to set some boundaries this time around.
"We're 37 [him] and 38 [Andy]now and are getting to that stage in life where you don't have to almost die," he explains.
"I'm a dad now, so I asked Andy to keep the chance of us dying at less than 10 per cent."
Hamish Blake and Andy Lee set off on their "perfect" holiday. Image: Nine Network
Hamish admits that those rules haven't always been in place.
"We have tempted fate a few times in our careers," he says with a laugh.
Among the challenges this week is one that always brings the laughs: making Andy eat something disgusting. On the menu this time? A Kentucky delicacy – squirrel soup. Watching him having to slurp the brains of a rodent is equal parts disgusting and hilarious.
Andy says he knew Hamish had horrible pranks planned long before they landed in the US.
"We had different planning days, when we would sit with producers thinking about what could be fun," Andy explains.
"Even in the lead-up, I knew he was up to stuff, because he was off filming. I had to try to leave my anxiety about what was happening at the door before we left."
Andy knew Hamish was "up to stuff" on set. Image: Nine Network
Also this week, Andy gets put into a meat suit and has to run in front of a pack of hungry dogs. Do we still think this is the perfect holiday?
Hamish & Andy's "Perfect" Holiday airs Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network.

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