A Grey’s Anatomy spin-off is in the works!

But it features no doctors…

By TV Week team
Shonda Rhimes, the producer behind Grey’s Anatomy, has created ANOTHER show to add to her ‘Shondaverse’, the name given to all of the successful shows Shonda has been involved with over the years.
This time she has created a spin-off from the much-loved series Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently heading into its 14th season!
While the new series will be in the same universe as the characters from Grey’s, it won’t actually feature any doctors. Instead, it will focus on a local firehouse!
Many of the new characters will be introduced to audiences in a Grey’s Anatomy episode before they are swiftly moved into their very own show.
President of American TV network ABC Channing Dungey has lauded Shonda’s upcoming series, which is sure to be a hit.
“No-one can interweave the jeopardy firefighter’s face in the line of duty with the drama in their personal lives quite like Shona, and Grey’s signature Seattle setting is the perfect backdrop for this exciting spin-off,” Channing says.
Could we see a romance to rival Derek and Meredith's in the upcoming spin-off?
This isn’t the first time that a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off has been undertaken.
Kate Walsh starred as Addison Montgomery, the estranged wife of Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), before she was moved off onto her own show, Private Practice.
The series followed Addison’s relocation from Seattle to Los Angeles and it ran from 2007 to 2013.
Kate Walsh in Private Practice.
This news came on the same day as Shonda Rhimes confirmed that another one of her show’s, Scandal, would be coming to an end.
Whilst the end of Scandal seemed somewhat sudden, ABC president Channing Dungey said that Shonda wanted to series to end on a high, before it became stale.
“She said, ‘Look, I really feel like season seven is where I want to wrap up this story, because I always prefer to end a show where you’re feeling on top as opposed to letting things fizzle out,” Channing said.
The new spin-off series will see Shonda as producer, whilst former Grey’s writer Stacy McKee has stepped in as showrunner.
No official premiere date has been released as of yet, but we will keep an ear to the ground!

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