Does he ever sleep?! Grant Denyer confirmed for Celebrity Name Game as he recovers in hospital

He’s the busiest man in showbiz!

By Rebecca Sullivan
People love to boast about how busy they are all the time. But there's really busy, and then there's Grant Denyer-level busy.
The 41-year-old just wrapped up his hosting gig on Dancing With The Stars, plus he's currently got a breakfast radio gig on 2Day FM, and he's filmed regular guest appearances on Channel 10's Chris & Julia's Sunday Night Takeaway Guest and Hughesy, We Have a Problem.
He's also got two gorgeous young daughters, Sailor, 7, and Scout, 2, as well as his fabulous wife Chezzi.
And now the poor guy is in a Sports Physiotherapy Recovery Hospital, thanks to a horrific back injury he suffered last month while doing some work on the farm.
But despite his work schedule and medical setbacks, Channel 10 have just announced that Grant is about to return to our TV screens in ANOTHER show, Celebrity Name Game.
Grant in a promo shot for Celebrity Name Game. (Image: Channel 10)
The network released a on Friday morning to confirm that Denyer will be returning to TV to host when the series goes to air in just two weeks time, premiering Monday, May 13.
"The king of gameshows and guardian of the buzzer, Grant Denyer, returns to host a half hour of side-splitting, eye-popping and name-dropping fun," the statement rea.
"Packed with famous faces, Celebrity Name Game is a fast-paced game show that sees every day Aussies paired with real-life celebrities in a race against the clock to identify famous names and faces from across pop culture."
Grant is currently in hospital recovering from a terrible back injury. (Image: @chezzidenyer/Instagram)
Much like Family Feud, the new series promises to leave viewers screaming answers at the television as they play along from the comfort of their home.
Billed as the most "unpredictable" game show on television, Celebrity Name Game will see two teams of two contestants face-off in a supercharged game of charades, in the hopes of winning the $10,000 prize money.
The contestants will need to be pop-culture savvy, and know everything about the latest movies, pop stars, sports stars, politicians and more.
The teams will be able to call upon their favourite celebrity to help them win the game, with famous stars including Gogglebox's Yvie Jones and Angie Kent, Chris & Julia's Sunday Night Takeaway's Beau Ryan and Dancing With The Stars' Courtney Act also starring on the show.
WATCH BELOW: Grant Denyer in the trailer for Celebrity Name Game. Story continues after video.
Grant is currently taking a break from his work commitments while he recovers in hospital.
He's on a lot of prescription medication to manage his pain, which has concerned some of his fans, given his previous dependence on pain meds.
But when asked, if the couple were worried about the popular TV host going back on meds while in hospital this time, his wife Chezzi said Grant was in so much pain when he was rushed to hospital that giving him pain medication was the only option.
"He was in such intense, acute pain when we got into hospital and they checked his vitals and said this guy needs to be given a massive dose of morphine, his blood pressure is through the roof," Chezzi explained.
"I don't think he was really thinking about it, but we've had some really good guidance and we've been juggling different types of medication because usually they put you on very strong morphine which is not Grant's friend."
Sending lots of love to Grant while he recovers, and we hope he's back on his feet soon!
Celebrity Name Game starts Monday 13 May, 6pm, on Network 10.