EXCLUSIVE: We asked Gogglebox's Symon Lovett to explain THAT photo with Jamie Doran from The Bachelorette

What a bloody small world!

By Rebecca Sullivan
This week, two of Australia's most popular reality TV shows, Gogglebox and The Bachelorette, experienced a very weird collision of worlds.
Symon Lovett, one half of Gogglebox's much loved male duo, alongside best mate Adam Densten, was spotted arm-in-arm with The Bachelorette's resident stage-five-clinger Jamie Doran, in an previously unseen grainy holiday snap that was clearly taken several years ago.
Fans unearthed the photo and as soon as it was posted online, people's minds were blown.
There were so many questions.
How the hell do these two know each other? Are they mates? If they are friends, what does Symon, who is universally renowned for his nice-guy attitude, think of Jamie's toxic behaviour towards Angie Kent on The Bachelorette this season?
This whole thing was just too weird.
Symon Lovett from Gogglebox (left) pictured alongside Jamie Doran (right) from The Bachelorette. Supplied
Well, we went straight to the source and got a definitive answer.
Turns out Symon and Jamie are not mates at all. They've only met once, when that photo was taken, and haven't been in contact since.
"We were in Istanbul in 2013. We just met in a bar, ran into each other, just as two Aussie travellers," Symon told Now To Love.
"The next day we hung out and saw each other again, but it was just that one day. I've only met him once and it was just briefly," he said.
Adam added: "It wasn't until we were watching the first episode [of The Bachelorette] that Symon said to me, 'Hey I think I've met that guy!'", referring to Jamie.
Jamie was dubbed this season's "Stage Five Clinger", thanks to his toxic behaviour towards Angie. Channel 10
For the record, the guys have been loving watching their former Gogglebox cast-mate Angie on her quest for love this season.
"She is awesome and so relatable and very much the every woman," Adam said.
"She's so good, I think she's probably that perfect hybrid where she is comfortable with a camera in her face, but is normal and relatable. She isn't afraid to say what needs to be said and whereas sometimes they've gone too far one way or anything.
"It's like seeing one of your family members on TV!"
Adam and Symon are two of the most popular Gogglebox stars. Instagram
The duo have signed on as ambassadors for Movember, the month-long charity initiative where men are encouraged to grow a moustache to raise funds and awareness of men's suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.
Encouraging men to have open and honest conversations about their mental health is something the boys are super passionate baout.
"It's a bit sh-- that 75 per cent of suicides are men. A lot of the stats that get thrown out there are quite confronting," Symon said.
"The most likely way for a young man aged between 20 and 39 to die is by suicide. Young guys are doing a lot of stupid stuff everyday, yet the way they're most likely to die is by taking their own life.
"We're far better at saying we're there for people than we actually are. If this starts one conversation, if one person changes, then we've done our job."
WATCH BELOW: Adam from Gogglebox is brothers with Josh from The Block. Story continues after video.
Their other goal for Movember? To get PM Scott Morrison on board.
They've even started a hashtag, #ScoMovember, in a bid to encourage the prime minister grow a moustache.
They are yet to receive any correspondence from the PM's office.
"I'm waiting with baited breath but my number and my phone is open 24/7," Adam said.
To find out more about Movember and to donate, visit