Gogglebox Australia's Silbery family celebrate Emmie's 90th birthday

And 10 seasons with the hit show!

By Tamara Cullen
They are the three generations of women who've provided endless laughter to audiences each week – and as we head into the 10th anniversary season of Gogglebox Australia, the trio from the Silbery family have another reason to party – Emmie's 90th birthday.
"Emmie is probably the oldest woman on Australian TV, and certainly the oldest TV WEEK Logie recipient – it's incredible," her daughter Kerry, 66, enthuses. "Where do you get women of a certain age represented on Aussie TV?"
Ahead of the channel-surfing season, TV WEEK caught up with the trio.
Can you believe Gogglebox Australia is celebrating its 10th season?
Isabelle: It's amazing that the public have come on board and love the show.
Emmie: I truly enjoy when people come up and say, "You guys are just like my own family!"
Kerry: It's nice when people see their families reflected.
The Silbery family have twice as many reasons to celebrate.
You look like you have a lot of fun – but is it really as harmonious as it looks?
Isabelle: Not at all! [Laughs] We do hang out a lot – we live close by and we're always with each other – but it's not always perfect. We've had some big blues!
Kerry: Mum doesn't like it when we argue. But if your family isn't going to say it to you, who will? It's unconditional love.
Which shows are you excited to watch?
Isabelle: The Bachelor Australia. I'm already invested. He [Bachelor Matt] has the looks, but does he have the personality? And we're also getting behind [former Goggleboxer] Angie Kent for The Bachelorette Australia!
Kerry: I'm excited about Lambs Of God. It was shot in Tasmania, where I was born.

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