Gogglebox newbies Kaday and Chantal talk their favourite shows and reveal if they'd ever be Bachelorettes

The show's latest additions are airing their TV-obsessed laundry for us.

By Thomas Woodgate
Who'd have thought doing the laundry could lead to a role on one of TV's most-loved shows?
But that's exactly what happened for Kaday and Chantel.
The pair, who have recently joined the cast of Gogglebox Australia, became fast friends after meeting while hanging out their washing in their apartment building in Sydney's eastern suburbs.
Kaday, who came to Australia aged 12 as a refugee from Sierra Leone, is a nurse who specialises in spinal cord injuries. Chantel is a youth ambassador for Headspace and volunteers for Riding For The Disabled Association and the St Vincent de Paul Society.
While their professional lives may be serious, there are plenty of lighter moments when they're on the couch together watching TV…
Kaday and Chantel met while hanging out their washing in their apartment building. (Image: Foxtel)
TV WEEK: Why do the two of you like Bondi Rescue so much?
Kaday: Because it brings back memories of when I nearly drowned! Every time the show is on, Chantel is entertaining to watch while she laughs at me.
Chantel: I love anything to do with the ocean; it's my happy place. It feels surreal to watch your own backyard on TV, and recognise familiar faces.
And what about romance shows? Would either of you want to go on The Bachelorette Australia?
C: I'm a sucker for romance shows. Kaday always pushes me to apply for them, as I'm the third wheel in her relationship. I'm quite indecisive, so I'm not sure if that would be the best place to find my future husband!
K: I really like romance shows, but I feel it will be too much drama for me. I'd prefer to find my Mr Right in private.
Guess we won't be seeing either of these two on The Bachelorette then! (Image: Foxtel)
Kaday, as a nurse, do you love medical shows? Do you have a favourite?
K: I really enjoy [US drama] New Amsterdam, because one day I'd like to open my own medical clinic back home in Sierra Leone or Guinea to help the vulnerable and provide better and more accessible health care. I feel like Grey's Anatomy is a bit overrated.
Have you been recognised as Goggleboxers in your job? Has that made it easier or harder?
K: As a nurse, I have to keep my work and Gogglebox separate. I like to find the balance between working as a healthcare professional and then coming home to unwind and have fun with Gogglebox.
C: In both my paid and volunteer work, I deal mainly with young people. Some ask for selfies, while others still think I'm lame – it depends on the day and the person! In a way, it can make my job easier when they feel they already know you from watching you on the couch.
Kaday (left) keeps Gogglebox and her career separate. (Image: Instagram @kaday_and_chantel)
Kaday, in episode one you spoke about your upbringing in Sierra Leone. Are you happy to share that with the rest of Australia?
K: Yes. I had a complicated childhood and didn't have much growing up – coming from war, moving from different countries at a young age. Starting this year, one of my goals is to open up more and be proud of where I've come from and how far I've come. I want to let young people who can relate to me know that it's not about where you came from or your surroundings, it's about putting in hard work and believing in yourself even when no-one else does.
Which Gogglebox household has made you laugh the most – and why?
C: Matty, Sarah and Jad – I grew up with many Lebanese friends, and went to school in an area with a large Lebanese population, so I enjoy the larrikin humour from that culture.
K: Keith and Lee – I like how they show tough love and always keep it real with their humour.
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Tell us something about the other that you think we should know…
K: Chantel is the loudest person I know, and straight to the point, but can also be one of the most gentle and thoughtful people.
C: Kaday always says I'm loud, but I think she's louder. I admire her strength and positivity even when times are tough. Something people should know about Kaday is that she's actually bald, and has a whole room full of wigs.

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