The Gogglebox cast celebrate their TV WEEK Logies win in the BEST way possible

Their energy is electric!

By Anita Lyons
The cast were separated by production for years so that they could remain as "normal" as possible, but now, nothing will keep the tight-knight Gogglebox family apart.
And after yet another Logie award win, with this year's being their fourth, it seems that the hilarious and down-to-earth cast are unstoppable.
Coming together to watch the festivities, twelve of the sixteen cast mates held a party as they waited to hear the outcome of the Most Popular Entertainment Program category.
And when it was announced that they were the winners, they celebrated in the BEST way possible! (Watch the video above)
Taking to her Instagram, Isabelle Silbery captioned the video:
"Ahhhh we won again!!!!🙌🏆🍾Thanks to those who voted for us & supported our show! We are super proud to be part of this @goggleboxau family!😘"
She then went onto say that season ten was starting soon - and has it really been THAT many seasons already!
Throwing back to last years Logie win, (l-r) Kerry, Isabelle and Emmie share a kiss with their silver Logie. (Source: Instagram/Isabelle Silbery)
Fans were quick to congratulate the very deserving cast!
"Great that you all are together to celebrate the Logie, lovely families, congratulations 👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️" one fan wrote.
"Yaaay knew you would win xx" another wrote!
And others questioned why they were not on the Gold Coast to accept the gong.
In years gone past, fan-favourites Adam and Symon have accepted the awards on behalf of the families - wearing their signature skivvies and colourful socks.
But this year, a video featuring newcomers Tim and Leanne and Gogglebox vets, Lee and Keith, accepted the awards filmed on, presumably, their iPhones.
Noticeably present from the clan were the Sydney contingent of Sarah Marie, Matty and Jad - but not to be left out, shared a VERY excited video on Instagram.
Watch next: Sarah Marie and Matty share their excitement at winning another Logie! Post continues after video...
Symon Lovett was also missing in action, coming home from a holiday - but was far from missing out after Adam posted the below photo with this caption:
"Very humbled to share this experience with a bunch of all stars. Thank you to everyone that voted. For those that didn't vote, I'm sure you had your reasons, nbn issue and all that. Really glad @fossildensten was able to fly in early for the event. #Logies" HA!
And if your massive fans of Anastasia and Faye (because who isn't), don't worry, they shared a gorgeous video to their Instagram also! (See below after image).
The Gogglebox cast plus Adam. Sort of. (Source: Instagram/symonlovett)

Congratulations to the wonderful cast and we can't wait for the next season!