Gogglebox Australia newbies Tim and Leanne reveal what sets them apart from the other stars

Expect a little sibling rivalry as Gogglebox welcomes an outspoken brother and sister to the couch

By TV Week team
The new season of Gogglebox Australia premiered earlier this month, and with it came a new household in the wake of the departure of Angie and Yvie, and Tom and Wayne.
Siblings Leanne, 29, and Tim, 40, have joined the hilarious cast. Here, the siblings dish on their new role in an exclusive chat with TV WEEK.

How would you describe the couch dynamic between you when you’re watching a show?

TIM: We're as obnoxiously opinionated as each other. Often we land on the same spot, but there have been instances where we vehemently disagree and sibling rivalry rears its ugly head!
Leanne and Tim are excited about joining the cast.

Are you both fans of the previous seasons of Gogglebox Australia?

LEANNE: I'm more of a recent convert to the Gogglebox train, but we love all the households for different reasons.
T: Di's laugh is just amazing − there's something about that cackle. Adam and Symon's jokes are too good too − I laugh at everything they say.

What kind of shows do you think you’ll love to watch while being filmed – and what will you dread?

L: We'll love things like The Good Place, Travel Guides, UnREAL, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina − and every cooking show you can think of.
T: We also have a love-hate relationship with horror movies and gross videos – you know, the sort of sounds and imagery that make you cringe and vomit, yet you just can't look away.

How do you think your Gogglebox commentary will be different from that of the other Goggleboxers?

T: We're highly animated and opinionated, so expect us to be screaming at the screen – or tearing up at the drop of a hat!

What worried you most when signing on to be a Goggleboxer?

L: We were initially nervous about being compared with Goggleboxers like Tom and Wayne, and Angie and Yvie [who have both left the show]. But at the end of the day, we are who we are.
Gogglebox Australia airs Wednesday, 7.30pm (AEDT), Lifestyle, and Thursday, 8.30pm, 10

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