God Friended Me star Violett Beane opens up about the downside of acting

“It can be exhausting!”

By Zara Zubeidi
Violett Beane has a hit on her hands in new US comedy-drama series God Friended Me, but it took years of hard work and rejection for the young American actress to get where she is today.
"It can be exhausting," the 22-year-old says.
"I don't think there's another job, except perhaps modelling, that has so much rejection. What's worse, when you get rejected, you don't know why.
"It can be discouraging, but as any actor out there will tell you, if it's something you love doing, you just have to be persistent."
Violett says there are few careers that have more rejection than acting.
Violett plays Cara, who meets Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall), an outspoken atheist who has received a suggested Facebook friend request from someone calling themselves "God".
Exploring the connections we make via social media and Facebook, with a spiritual theme, has struck a chord with the actress, who's best known for playing Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick in The Flash.
"I think our show brings it back to why Facebook originally started," she says.
"It came about so you could reconnect with people from your high school who you hadn't seen for a long time."
Cara and Miles team up together.
"In the show, we use it as a resource for the God Squad – which is what we like to call ourselves – to find out stuff about people and to help them reconnect."
Off-camera, Violett is a proud vegan and a supporter of PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals). She often addresses animal welfare issues with her 500,000 Instagram followers.
"I think it's important, no matter on what scale, to talk about things that you believe in and bring awareness to all sorts of causes," she says.
"For me, I will always talk about things I care about."
God Friended Me airs on Monday at 8:30pm on Channel Seven.

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