Georgia Love talks Logies, snoring and dressing like a nanna!

In bed with The Bachelorette star.

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From the moment they met on The Bachelorette in 2016, Georgia Love and Lee Elliot bonded over a mutual love for puns — who can forget Lee's famous entrance to the Bachie mansion complete with a donkey and punny one-liner? — and it's been one hilarious hashtag after another ever since.
Ahead of the TV WEEK Logie Awards, we caught up with Georgia for a fun and pun-filled chat about the Logies and life at home with Lee and their cat, Pawdrey Hepburn.
From startruck Logies moments to her nightly bedtime rituals, watch Georgia's chat with TV WEEK Associate Editor Tamara Cullen above.
What do you love most about the TV WEEK Logie Awards?
There's so much I love, but the overarching reason is that everyone is there, in the one place, and celebrating all together. Even though it is about competition — because there is the awards part — it doesn't actually feel like that. It's just such a good celebration of the industry!
What's your favourite memory from the Logies?
I think the best moment at the end of my first Logies. We planned to go out for a boogie afterwards so we were trying to tuck the train of my dress in so it wasn't on the ground.
Ian Healy walked past and Lee goes; 'Oh my God, there's Ian Healy', and he stops and says, 'What's happening here?', and Lee responds, 'Oh, I'm just trying to put my girlfriend's train up'.
Next thing, Ian starts tucking in my dress, then Edwina Bartholomew comes and joins in and they're all trying to tuck in my dress. I had never seen Lee so starstruck.
What time do you usually make it to bed after the Logies — is it 10pm or are you stumbling in at 5am?
I'd like to say it's somewhere in between, but probably closer to the latter. It's such a fun night so you have to make the most of it. Go hard, or go home — but don't go home, that's the point! However, I am a little bit of a nanna on a normal night. I like going out during the day and then going home and being in bed by around 10pm.
What's your usual pre-bedtime routine?
I'm a real old lady when it comes to my bedtime routine — Lee always laughs at me. I take all of my makeup off, moisturise, get into bed and spray my pillow with a lavender sleep spray. Then I put my hand cream on and my lavender lip balm. Then I put my headphones on and listen to sleep music.
Finally, do you have any funny (PG!) bedroom puns?
I'm very good at sleeping; I can actually do it with my eyes closed!
The 61st TV WEEK Logie Awards will be held at The Star Gold Coast, Queensland on Sunday, June 30, 2019.
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