Why George Mason decided to leave Home And Away

‘It was time to move on’

After a tumultuous time in Summer Bay, Ash has packed his bags and left.
The rebel's sudden departure from Home And Away also means fans have had to farewell his portrayer, George Mason.
Speaking to TV WEEK from Los Angeles, the 26-year-old calls leaving the show "bittersweet". However, he's looking forward to starting afresh – just like Ash.
"It was hard to leave, but I was ready to move on," George reveals. "It was time to spread my wings and see what other opportunities are out there."
The New Zealand-born star, who played the role for almost four years, is now in Hollywood with his partner, French model Manon Buchalet. It's a road often travelled by H&A graduates.
"We're very happy," he says of moving overseas with Manon – although adapting to life Stateside hasn't been as easy as he hoped it would be.
"It takes a bit of time," George explains. "It's so different here."
But should he ever get homesick, the actor knows there are plenty of Summer Bay expats to help him survive.
"The other day, I was walking down the street and felt a bit down," he says. "Then someone yelled my name: it was Matt Little [who played VJ in Home And Away and left the show in 2017]!"

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