EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers spills on the new season

Why aye, man - the Geordie crew are back in business.

By Karina Recchi
Geordie Shore, Aaron Chalmers

With Season 14 of Geordie Shore premiering tomorrow night, NW sits down with Buck Squad member Aaron Chalmers to get all the dirt on the eight new cast members, his on-off girlfriend Marnie Simpson and the number of notches on his bed post. (Hint: it's a LOT.)

Hi there Aaron. So you have eight new cast members – and six are female. Were they given a proper Geordie welcome? It’s always good to have new girls, isn’t it?
They were just coming in thick and fast. But eight [newcomers] got whittled down to just one.

They couldn’t hack it?
We put them through a series of tests to see if they were good enough... I was being pretty cruel. So I was like, “Right, yous need to do a minute of stand-up comedy.” Towards the end, they must have just been really [over it]... after them initiations and stuff, only one got picked.

So no drama on arrival then?
I think it’s a lot harder for girls to come in than boys. The [existing] girls, you see, they’re quite territorial. I’m not gonna lie, the girls weren’t as happy as the boys. But, well, you’ll see there were a few fights.

We did hear Chloe [Ferry] got into a massive fight!
It was, like, vicious. I think maybe the worst fight in Geordie Shore history!

Is it true she got booted off halfway through the season?
Yeah, well she had one of the biggest fights apparently ever seen on Geordie Shore with one of the new girls. It was pretty, like, even from my point of view – it was, like, woah! It just seemed to come out of nowhere...

The cast is barely recognisable now. Are you on your way out, too?
I can’t go on for that much longer... but I’m hoping there are a couple more [seasons] and I’ll be in them.

You’re single now. Can we expect you to get caught in Marnie’s web again?
I didn’t know how she was going to react to me pulling [girls]. At first I was a bit worried and then I was like, I’m going to pull, ’cause Gaz [Gary Beadle] was like, “You are pulling, I’m going to make sure you do!” He was right, ’cause obviously she had a boyfriend, but even when I did pull, she didn’t take too kindly to it.

How do you feel when she gets upset?
Well, I did get frustrated on one hand, ’cause I was literally just about to bang the girl and Marnie kicked off... Even when she’s got a boyfriend she’s c**k-blocking us.

So you’re not rekindling the flame?
We would never go back to that – I would never go back to that. We’ve tried and it didn’t work.

OK then... Well, with Marnie out of the picture, how’s the Buck Squad competition going?
There’s not so much. [We’re not pulling] as much as we used to.

So the number of girls you’ve been with hasn’t changed much? Last time we checked it was 700...
It’s about 800 now. When we go out filming, girls just f**king stand behind the rope, looking.

Woah! Who’s at the top of the leaderboard?
So we were all talking about this. Gaz was like, “Maybe over a thousand,” and then Scotty T was like, “Yeah, 4000.” I was like, “Scott, listen. If you slept with a girl every day for 12 years that’s your number.” He was like, “Yeah, I have.” I was like, “No you haven’t! No you haven’t! Because we’ve been filming for f**king six weeks at a time and you haven’t had a girl every night!”

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