Costa Georgiadis and the Gardening Australia team celebrate Christmas

It's time for a festive garden party...

It's an annual highlight for Gardening Australia fans, and in 2019 they won't be disappointed when Costa Georgiadis and the team take part in the Christmas Special.
We caught up with Costa to find out what's in store for viewers on this festive occasion.
Tell us about the Gardening Australia Christmas Special.
There's something for the whole family in this episode. Josh is making some colourful pots with his children, and I pop in on the fun with Sophie, who's working at creating some summer shade for her new garden retreat. Millie is on a mistletoe mission, Jerry is sharing tips on what to do to keep your lawn healthy over the summer, and we catch up with former top end presenter Leonie Norrington in her tropical garden near Darwin. It's a packed episode with plenty more tips and tricks to wrap up the year.
Costa Georgiadis (centre) and the Gardening Australia team Image: ABC
What are your tips for keeping the garden healthy in the hot summer season?
This summer, many parts of the country will be under water restrictions, meaning no hosing – just watering cans. Work out a priority watering system giving water to trees and plants you value. Add compost and worm castings to your plants beneath the mulch and make sure to rake the mulch back when you water so that each watering goes into the soil. Replace mulch after watering as armour to evaporation from the wind and the sun.
What does Christmas mean to you?
To me, Christmas has always been about family time; just being together and doing things together around home. There's something about being around each other and making our own fun.
What's the most memorable present you've ever received?
When I was in primary school, I was given a home gardening/growing project. But to my despair, the box was empty. Do you speak up or do you just accept that the thought was there? [Laughs]
It became a bit of a family benchmark joke that when someone got a gift that was a bit of a dud we would all say, "Ah, it's a grow-your-own farm." It's the gift that keeps on giving.
"Christmas has always been about family time" Image: ABC
You've had quite a year. What do you think when you reflect on 2019?
We wanted to really celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show; everything and everyone that has been involved in front of the camera and, more importantly, behind it for three decades. I'm really proud of everyone who has been part of our milestone achievement this year.
Winning the Logie Award for Gardening Australia in its 30th year could not have been more poetically scripted. It was a fairytale, but equally a very deep and fitting recognition of so many people over many years. Winning the Logie Award for Most Popular presenter has been a privileged experience. I said at the time it's not about looking at me, but looking at what I'm looking at. What's really nice about the Logies exposure is that it has drawn us into new and varied groups of people. Our mission is to show that gardening is cool!
Gardening Australia Christmas Special airs Friday, 7.30pm, on ABC.

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