Who will take the Iron Throne in the Game of Thrones finale?

TV WEEK ranks the top 10 greatest characters in Game Of Thrones on the eve of the hit series’ last (sob) episode

By Cynthia Wang
Redemption came for many longtime characters on Game Of Thrones during its final season.
Jorah Mormont went down fighting for – and with – his Khaleesi. Theon Greyjoy died on the side of the Starks, and Red Woman Melisandre gave Arya the ultimate pep talk before her end.
Side players got their moments, too, like Gendry flexing his blacksmithing biceps and Euron Greyjoy stirring the pot in King's Landing.
But to be a great character, we have to be really invested in your journey. So here's our salute to GOT's finest:

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