Game of Thrones: Who will die in season eight?

As the final season draws closer, it's not looking good for some of our favourites.

By Alex Lilly
Winter is coming everyone and so is the final season of Game of Thrones.
For all my fellow nerds out there, you're no doubt as excited as I am to see our favourite characters back on our screens but seeing as it's Game of Thrones, you can't get too attached to the characters.
As the mortals prepare to go to battle with the Night's King and his army of White Walkers, there's no doubt that there will be plenty of fatalities but who will survive and who will sit on the Iron Throne?
Aidan Gillen who played Littlefinger, however, thinks the final season won't be about that.
"I don't know, I think initially that was the thing - there was a quest for an ultimate winner who was going to rule from the Iron Throne. But it doesn't feel that's what it's about any more," he told the UK's Telegraph.
Emilia Clarke, who plays Mother of Dragons and all-round queen Daenerys Targarean said of the finale, "People will scream and people will say, 'That's exactly what I wanted,' and some people will go, 'Huh?'"
So who will live and who will die? The producers and showrunners love to surprise us but we've analysed the main players and their likeliness of survival.
Needless to say, there are a few spoilers if you're not up to date so keep scrolling at your own risk.
"People will scream and people will say, 'That's exactly what I wanted,' and some people will go, 'Huh?'" Emilia Clarke said of the finale. (Image: HBO)

Who will die?

Cersei Lannister
Love her or hate her, is top of the list of Sportsbet's most likely to die poll coming in at 1.05. A witch told her as a child that "another, younger, more beautiful" someone will cast her down so it may be at the hands of Daenerys or it could even be her twin/former lover Jaime in a poetic twist.
Euron Greyjoy
The evil uncle to Theon and Yara is tipped to be the first fatality of the final series and we're not going to be too sad about it. Last we heard he was on his way to Essos to ferry the Golden Company back to fight for Cersei so we reckon a White Walker is coming his way.
Ser Jorah Mormont
Poor lovesick Jorah. There's no doubt he will defend his Khaleesi until his last breath. Loyalty never gets you too far in Westeros.
Brienne of Tarth
The same can be said for Lady Brienne. This one will definitely bring tears.
It's not looking likely for Ser Jorah. (Image: HBO)
Jaime Lannister
From the pretentious prince who pushed a child out of a window, Jaime has grown up a lot. We're finally seeing him turn away from Cersei and it looks like he may be one of the good guys. But his past actions will no doubt catch up with him and lead to his demise.
Jon Snow threatened her with death if she ever returned to Essos and Lord Varys advised her not to return to Westeros. But seeing as she said that she cannot heed his advice, it seems like she'll meet her end in Westeros. Plus, we need to see her as an old lady again.
Lord Varys
Speaking of Lord Varys, his betrayals and side-stepping are bound to catch up with him as every action has consequences in this franchise.
Theon Greyjoy
Poor Theon. He's been tortured within an inch of his life and is no doubt still feeling guilty about betraying the Starks. We have a feeling he'll die in combat, bonus points if he's protecting a Stark child.
The Mountain and possibly The Hound
Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain may technically be dead already, but fans are eagerly anticipating Cleganebowl, when he will take arms against his younger brother Sandor Clegane aka The Hound. While we have a strong inkling the Hound will be the one to end his brother (awkward family history will do that to you), it may also be his end too.
Jon Snow and/or Daenerys Targarean
This will be the big one. There's no way both will survive (that's far too optimistic) but the jury's still out about which one will die. For all we know, it could be both of them.
At least one direwolf and at least one dragon
Because life is unfair. The animals deserve better.
Could Jaime be the one to kill his twin sister? (Image: HBO)

And who will make it all the way?

Bran Stark
If you can survive being thrown out of a window in the first episode, you can survive for the long haul, or so it seems. With his foreseeing powers, the fourth Stark child is more likely to cause death and destruction than suffer at the hands of it.
Tyrion Lannister
He's one of the show's leading characters but unlike many of the others, Tyrion isn't usually one to charge into a battle scene. As a behind-the-scenes strategic thinker, we reckon The Imp will live out his days drinking wine with a bevvy of female companions.
Samwell Tarly
If ever there was an all-rounder award, Sam deserves it. Though he's not the best fighter, he was the first person to kill a White Walker and he's also very well-read and knowledge is power in Westeros. Let's hope he, Gilly and little Sam have a happy peaceful life.
The jury is still out on her lover Grey Worm but as for wise counsellor Missandei, we reckon she'll be standing back with Tyrion. This former slave has had a tough life and deserves to put her feet up after the war is won.
Tyrion's not so likely to die in battle unlike some of the others. (Image: HBO)
Sansa Stark
Move aside Daenerys, here's the real Queen of the North! Season one saw Sansa as a young, naive girl obsessed with princes and her dream royal wedding. Over the course of the series, she has seen tragedy and trauma but it's shaped her into a fearless, brave yet compassionate ruler who the writers would be fools to kill off.
Arya Stark
The middle Stark child has grown into a sneaky assassin and she'll definitely be the reason for some big deaths this year. She's been smart enough to stay out of danger so far but if we had to make a bet, she's a little more likely to die than her older sister.
Lyanna Mormont
They may have killed off Princess Shireen but we will riot if the writers do the same, mainly because we think this girl will one day rule the world. Sassy and smart, especially for someone who hasn't hit puberty, Lyanna has all the assets to make it through to the end.
After he went off rowing and didn't show up for a few seasons, fans were curious as to what happened to Gendry. Based on that, he must be gearing up for something big this season so he can't be killed off. Surely?
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