10 of our favourite moments from Friends

“I'll be there for you...”

By Alex McCarthy
Friends is one of the most iconic TV shows of all time.
The series followed the lives of six best friends - Monica (Courtney Cox), Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc).
We look back at 10 of the funniest moments from our favourite '90s sitcom.

1. The one where Monica donned a raw turkey

After upsetting Chandler, Monica put a raw turkey on her head, complete with novelty glasses, and did a little dance. The dance worked and Chandler ended up confessing his love for Monica.
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2. The one where Phoebe and Chandler pretended to like each other

Both Chandler and Phoebe pretended to have feelings for each other in order to get the other to crack. Phoebe and Rachel were trying to get Chandler to confess to his secret relationship with Monica, which he eventually did.
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3. The one where Ross tried to teach Rachel and Phoebe about Unagi

After Phoebe and Rachel took self-defense classes, Ross informed the girls that it was useless to take the classes without developing Unagi - a state of total awareness.
But both Phoebe and Rachel maintained that Unagi was a type of sushi, not a karate term.
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4. The one where Monica got braids in Barbados

The humidity in Barbados proved too much for Monica's hair and in an attempt to tame it, Monica had her hair braided.
Chandler wasn't too happy, but Monica had a great time!
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5. The one with PIVOT!

When Ross bought a new sofa, he enlisted the help of Rachel and Chandler to move it into his building. After his hand-drawn instructions proved useless, Ross decided to shout the word "pivot" repeatedly at this friends, which did not go down well with Chandler.
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6. The one where Joey doesn't understand how to use quotation marks

After Joey "accidentally" proposed to Rachel after she had just given birth to Emma, Ross was understandably annoyed. This is how Joey apologised to Ross. Whoops!
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7. The one with Chandler's dancing

Enough said.
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8. The one with Ross' terrible tan

After admiring Monica's spray tan, Ross decided to try it out for himself but he had many issues with the spray tan machine. This came down to the fact that he was using the "Mississipi method" when he counted!
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9. The one with Phoebe's Smelly Cat music video

When Phoebe is discovered by a record producer, who wants to record Smelly Cat, she immediately accepts the offer. When the music video is released, it is immediately clear to everyone that it isn't Phoebe's voice on the song, but Phoebe is none the wiser. She is heartbroken when she later discovers the truth.
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10. The one where Rachel gets closure

After having feelings for Ross for a few months but not being able to act on them because he was dating Julie, Rachel finally gets closure. But Rachel's idea of closure is getting drunk whilst on a date and leaving a message on Ross' answering machine telling him that she is over him.
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