Stop everything! Network 10 just confirmed Five Bedrooms will return for season two

Best. News. EVER!

By Tina Burke
Network 10 has confirmed that Five Bedrooms will be returning to our screens in 2020! The news was shared during 10's Upfronts, which were held in Sydney on Thursday morning.
The second season of the Melbourne-based drama is welcome news for fans, who were left wondering if the series would return following a cliffhanger finale back in July.
Five Bedrooms, which came from the creators of Offspring, tells the story of five strangers who buy a home together after meeting at the singles table at a wedding.
The all-star cast includes Steve Peacocke, Kat Stewart, Doris Younane, Katie Robertson and Roy Joseph. Also appearing in the series are Kate Jenkinson, Hugh Sheridan and Kumud Merani.
Ainsley and Ben (Katie Robertson and Steve Peacocke) in season one.
So, where will we pick up when the series returns?
When last we left off, Ainsley (Katie Robertson) had just found out she was expecting a child with the ever-complicated Lachlan (Hugh Sheridan), who is also expecting a child with his ex-wife - or current wife - Melanie (Kate Jenkinson).
Harry (Roy Joseph) was working on his relationship with his mother Manju (Kumud Merani), and it seemed as though she was finally going to accept him as a gay man.
Ben (Steve Peacocke) and Heather (Doris Younane) appeared to make up, and we can't help but ship this delightful, dysfunctional couple.
And, of course, the gang were going to sell the house, but decided at the last minute to stick together thanks to Liz (Kat Stewart). Unfortunately, just as they decided to give their home another shot, the auctioneer sold the property. Yikes. Where does this leave them?
The cast of Five Bedrooms.
Earlier this year Kat spoke with TV WEEK about a possible second season, revealing she would "love" to have her former Offspring co-star Asher Keddie make a cameo in season two.
"Oh my God, that would be hilarious!" Kat tells TV WEEK. "I would love that so much. Maybe if we get a second series we might have to have a little chat, see what we can do.
"She can do anything she wants! She could name her role," Kat reveals.
We can't wait for the series to return! See the full list of TV shows coming to Netwok 10 in 2020 here.

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