Did you see THAT completely unexpected kiss on Five Bedrooms because we're kind of into it

Spoiler alert! Ben and Heather's unexpected relationship has caused some serious waves...

By Anita Lyons
OH MY GOODNESS! Did you see that kiss?
Five Bedrooms brought out the big guns on Wednesday night with a completely unexpected kiss between two of it's main characters.
And while a possible romance was hinted at between character's Ainsley (Katie Robertson) and Ben (Stephen Peacocke), - the show completely flipped the idea on its head - pairing Ben with a much older Heather (Doris Younane).
The rest of the episode was also filled with bombshells about our newest fave tradie.
Not only does he have a stage two melanoma, but it was also revealed he has an illegitimate daughter and did a stint in prison for possession of pot. if these qualities don't scream 'catch', we don't know what does...
But of course, it was the unlikely pairing between him and Heather which set tongues wagging.
In fact, we even had a massive girl crush on Heather ourselves when she took charge of the situation because frankly, she's a bit of a legend!
That kiss, though! (Source: Channel 10)
Naturally, Twitter lost their minds and even though the comments were just: "well that was unexpected", it was the GIF's that really sold their shock!
Steve is personally getting a lot of praise for his performance, especially after Wednesday's episode.
In fact, even writer of the show Michael Lucas had this to say about him:
"If you looked up 'salt of the earth' in the dictionary (which you couldn't do cos it's a phrase not a word), you might see this face. Stephen Peacocke blew me away with his heartfelt performance in tonight's ep."
While he may be getting some serious praise, for Steve himself, his rise to stardom has come as quite a shock.
In an interview with TV Week, he revealed that he was just the cog in a bigger machine.
Adding his own name alongside Kat's to a new production has already caught fans' attention, but the modest star insists he's merely one small part of a bigger machine.
"But it's sort of an uncomfortable thought to think you have fans. I've been quite disciplined in not allowing myself to buy into that. You can't go out seeking adoration; my job is to serve the audience, and if they sit forward in their seats wanting more, I've done that."
Gesturing to his luxurious surroundings, Steve quietly adds, "I know it's all part of the job, but I always feel a bit funny with this side of it."
Suffice to say, we are absolutely HOOKED on this show!
Five Bedrooms continues Wednesday, 8.30pm, on Network 10.