The most emotional moments from our favourite '90s comedies

Grab a box of tissues and relive these 
iconic tear-jerking moments from 
these ’90s TV comedies.

By Alana Wulff
These comedy series from the 1990's knew how to make us giggle. From The Nanny to The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, these shows brought many laughs.
But, every so often they would pull out the big guns and reduce us all to tears with heartfelt episodes.
Scroll down to see which episodes had us reaching for the tissues.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

The details: Season 4, episode 24: “Papa’s Got A Brand New Excuse”.
Most emotional moment: After going against his better judgement, Will forgives his father for walking out on his family.
He then decides to join his dad on the road. But little does Lou know, 
his son spots him trying to 
sneak off again.
During the confrontation, it’s clear Lou 
wasn’t planning to tell anyone. With yet another excuse, Lou 
says goodbye and leaves.
tries to console his nephew, 
who attempts to brush it off. 

The scene hits an eye-watering climax when Will breaks down. “How come he don’t want me, man?” he sobs. The episode ends without a laugh track or music 
– or dry eye in the house.
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or DVD.

Full House

The details: Season 1, episode 1: “Our Very First Show”.
Most emotional moment: DJ isn’t happy to share a room with sister Stephanie and tries to move into the basement.
Dad Danny (Bob Saget) stops her and asks what’s wrong. DJ says she’s sick of losing things.
“It’s just not fair!” she cries. “First I lose my mum, then Grandma leaves, 
and now I even lose my own room. Everything keeps disappearing.”
Danny holds back tears. “I know exactly how you feel,” he tells 
“I know how much you girls must miss your mother, because I miss her too.”
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digital or DVD.

The Nanny

The details: Season 1, episode 22: 
“I Don’t Remember Mama”.
Most emotional moment: When Grace says she doesn’t miss her mum because 
she can’t remember her, 
Mr Sheffield confesses he finds it difficult to talk about Sara.
The two have a heart-warming father-daughter moment. The episode ends with Fran and the family watching 
old videotapes of Sara for the first 
time since her passing.
The music 
plays quietly in the background, and Fran reassuringly places her hand on 
Mr Sheffield’s shoulder.
The camera pans across the room at everyone’s individual faces as they watch the tape.
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That '70s Show

The details: Season 4, episode 27: “Love, Wisconsin Style”.
Most emotional moment: When Casey dumps Donna in front of everyone, Donna runs straight to Eric.
With her bruised ego in tow, she cries as they have their first real conversation about their break-up.
“Eric, I’m so sorry… I was so stupid,” she weeps.
She kisses him, and says they should be together. But Eric isn’t convinced.
“Wait, Donna, if you come running back to me now…” he says.
“Donna, I can’t be your second choice.”
Unable to catch her breath, Donna 
lets out a heart-wrenching sob. 

“But you’re not, Eric!” Realising she can’t say anything to change the situation, Donna decides to leave 
town and heads to California.
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Home Improvement

The details: Season 5, episode 22: “The Longest Day”.
Most emotional moment: After his parents tell him about the lump, Randy doesn’t come home from school.
Tim finds him at the local arcade. Randy admits he read about the lump online and knows it could be cancer.
He asks his dad how he could keep that from him.
“Why does this bad stuff always have to happen to me?” Randy says. “I don’t want to die, Dad.”
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