Facebook has officially one-upped Gogglebox with this WILD new update

Remember the good old days of actually watching television? Yeah, us neither.

By Jess Pullar
If you thought Netflix, Stan and that trusty wide-screen device sitting in your lounge room had you covered on all things television, think again.
In today's interconnected world, there's now a plethora of ways to view video content - and more often than not, we're reaching for our smaller, portable devices to do so.
Whether you're on a train, the bus, or even just sitting on your couch at home, there's no denying it's very easy to wile away the hours watching video after video on our humble iPhones.
And now, just to make the guilty pleasure even more simple is yet another platform that's streamlined peak video viewing - and it's likely already downloaded on your phone.
We are of course, referring to Facebook - a multi-faceted platform that's definitely not only used for photo sharing these days.
Launching Facebook Watch a few years back, the social media platform housed a library of videos that people could easily search and watch - much like YouTube.
But now, some subtle tweaks and changes made to the service has transformed the video viewing game once again - and it's almost put our favourite cast members from Gogglebox to shame for watching shows via the traditional method.
Facebook has subtly changed the way we watch television without us even realising. (Image: Getty Images)
Now garnering 140 million viewers across the world daily, Facebook Watch has grown in popularity substantially since its launch in 2017.
The service also plays host to a number of native videos (heard of Red Table Talk, anyone?), and now offers a new way for people to watch their favourite shows or clips - and it's scarily similar to how we'd watch television.
With users spending around 26 minutes on Facebook Watch each day, the timing in itself makes up the length of many television shows.
Facebook is also introducing new sections of the service whereby users can watch content at the exact same time as their friends - almost as if they were sitting on a virtual couch together parked up in front of a television.
In some countries, the service also plays ads, monetising the platform and making the who video watching experience even more like you're sat on a couch in front of a wide screen television.
Facebook Watch allows TV and video fans to engage in some quirky new ways. (Image: Facebook)
And just when you thought the social media video service couldn't get any more authentically, well, lounge room, Facebook are also taking things a step further by allowing video watchers to react, take polls, share messages and join groups with other viewers.
They've also started a little thing called 'Watch Parties', where people can watch shows and content at the same time as fellow fans - allowing them to connect over Facebook with their reactions and discussions as the action unfolds.
Talk about the digital age - this is some next level virtual living...
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So with so many new ways to watch videos quite literally on our fingertips, what on earth is next for the virtual television viewing world?
Well, Facebook are officially in talks with Australian sporting broadcasters which could eventually lead to NRL, AFL and cricket being streamed live via the app.
There's also potential for an original new digital series with Seven Studios touted to be launched via Facebook - although the company are keeping mum on the details at this stage.
Stay tuned - the digital age just keeps going!