EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s Shaynna is ‘sick to her stomach!’

This judge has some very serious concerns about the teams this year. “I felt sick,” she reveals.

By OK! team
Shaynna says she "felt sick to her stomach" about one room, long after its reveal!
Expert judge Shaynna Blaze is a Block veteran and given that she’s seen the best and the worst of it, it takes a lot to rattle her. But in an OK! exclusive, Shaynna was happy to tell it like it is and truthfully, she’s not happy Jan.
The interior designer is known for straightforward feedback and this year is no different. Her main concern when judging the Blockheads has always been functionality and practicality. Maybe that’s why Sticks and Wombat’s tiny “broom closet” study is a worry for Shaynna.

“I’d definitely reduce the huge ensuite by half to at least give a decent-sized study,” she suggests. At this point, you can barely fit a chair in there. In fact, the judges’ walk-through of the study space was brutal.
“You’ve produced a cupboard with a desk,” Scotty Cam told Sticks and Wombat, a comment they thought was rather harsh.
Shaynna is seriously worried that Hannah and Clint won't have their main bathroom ready for auction.
But the likeable larrikins from the South Coast of NSW aren’t the only ones giving Shaynna anxiety. When asked which room is giving her nightmares, the interior designer instantly picked Clint and Hannah!
“I felt sick every reveal day walking past their main bathroom,” she spills. Missing tiles and grout would make us sick to the stomach too, Shaynna! Hannah and Clint weren’t the only ones bummed about their bathroom. Shaynna couldn’t hide her disappointment during the walk-through.
After revealing that the couple spent $61,000 on their disastrous bathroom, Shaynna says she feared they’d never get it finished. “[I] wondered how they were going to find the time and money to get it ready for auction,” she says.
No one can deny that the positivity and enthusiasm this couple showed after receiving such negative feedback was commendable. After dubbing them the “happiest couple on The Block” and convincing Beaumont to throw in the extra tiles for free, hopefully the lifeline Scotty’s thrown the couple will get them through to auction. Don’t lose hope yet, Shaynna!
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