Exclusive: The Bachelor’s Elora was shocked to find out about her mum’s cancer diagnosis on FaceTime

The Tahitian beauty tells OK! of her private struggle within the Bachie mansion.

By Carrissa Lawrie
After landing the first single date and frolicking on a boat with the Bachelor’s Matty J, things seemed picture perfect for Elora Murger. But while trying to fall in love, Elora tells OK! of her secret pain over her mum’s diagnosis.
Elora's date with Matty seemed perfect, right down to the luxury yacht!
In July 2016, the 27-year-old’s mother accidentally revealed that she was sick in a FaceTime chat. Elora was beyond shocked and understandably, she wanted to fly over immediately to be with her mum in France. ‘She was really ill, so it was really hard [being away],’ Elora admits.
Throughout her time in the mansion, Elora’s mum Christiane continued receiving treatment for breast cancer. After some convincing from mum, Elora decided to stay and finish up filming... And lucky she did! The exotic fire-dancer has made quite the impression on Matty J.

“He’s definitely my type,” says a smitten Elora. “I think the producers created him for me. They heard what I asked for and they made him. He’s really nice.”
While Elora tells OK! she’s relieved that her mum’s condition is improving – “She’s so strong,” she says – her mother’s relief is apparently for a very different reason.

Excited for her daughter to be on the show, Elora explains that it’s “because she was getting worried about me being too difficult for men,” she says laughingly. “She kept saying to me to go on dating websites!”
Funnily enough, Elora’s dad said the exact opposite. “My dad was upset. He made fun of me,” says Elora. “He’s really old school with the dating. He thinks that men should instinctively hunt and he’s like, ‘None of that for Matty, there’s 25 women throwing themselves at him.’ He said not to get too intertwined.”
Given that things are going well with her mum’s health AND Matty, it’s no surprise that Elora says she’s now “in a good place.”
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