EXCLUSIVE: Scotty is freaking out over the auctions

The Block’s host Scotty Cam is worried that no one will sell!

By OK! team
The Blockheads have survived 12 gruelling weeks of backbreaking work, and dealt with tonnes of drama along the way, and while the finish line is in sight, The Block’s long-time host Scotty Cam isn’t exactly handing out pats on the back… in fact, he’s dreading what’s in store come auction day.
“I’m feeling nervous just talking about it,” Scotty tells OK!, revealing just thinking about the October 28 auction date for the 13th season of the show makes him “sick to his stomach.”
Sure, the five houses in Melbourne’s Elsternwick are top-notch, and if all goes to plan, are predicted to sell for a sizeable three million dollars each. But as viewers have witnessed in the past, there are no guarantees.
“[The contestants] work so hard and I want them to make some money. I don’t want them to walk away with nothing,” the 54-year-old confesses.
Because as we’ve seen in past, that very likely could be the case.
“This is a competition to win $100,000, anything else is a bonus,” explains Scotty of the reality, which will see all teams take home whatever money – if there is any - made over the reserve, and the renovators with the biggest sale pocket the main prize.
And with a total of $17,575,501.01 being won over the show’s 12 seasons so far, there’s plenty to get excited about. But who could forget the heartbreaking 2014 The Block: Glasshouse series where two teams collected only $10,000 for their efforts? Ouch!
Scotty doesn't want to see anyone walk away from this year's Block empty-handed, especially after all the hard work they've put in.
Scotty has his fingers crossed that he won’t be sitting on the couch across from anyone dealt a similar blow this year.
“It’s really intense… If you win $500,000 bucks, it’s life-changing. It pays off your mortgage and puts your kids through school. But then you could sit there with a family with two kids and they win $5000 after three months of being away from them - that’s pretty awkward. None of them could sell and that’s the whole problem,” he explains.
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