EXCLUSIVE: The sweet reason Australia’s Eurovision co-host Joel Creasey can't wait to get over to Europe

''He’s the love of my life.''

By Scott Ellis
Joel Creasey has been looking forward to his trip to Europe – and not just to see the Eurovision Song Contest. While in Turin, Italy, he's reuniting with his boyfriend, Jack Stratton-Smith, who he hasn't seen for two months.
"He was just in Italy, doing some modelling, which is my favourite sentence to tell people," Joel tells TV WEEK.
"I feel so rock'n'roll saying that, while I sit here in a hoodie with Red Rooster stains on it."
Joel is thrilled to be back in Europe to co-host Australia's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest. (Image: Supplied)
The couple recently celebrated "half a decade" together.
"He's the love of my life," Joel, 31, says. "I just absolutely adore him."
As far as the Eurovision Song Contest goes, Joel is thrilled to be back in Europe, co-hosting Australia's coverage with Myf Warhurst. It's the first time that Italy has played host in three decades.
Joel is expecting the staging to look "spectacular" and has high hopes for Australia's entrant, Sheldon Riley.
"He's the love of my life," Joel says of his boyfriend Jack Stratton-Smith. (Image: Instagram)
"Sheldon has such a keen eye for all of that, so I think staging-wise we're definitely going to be up there – and vocally, because Sheldon's voice is just outrageous."
But when it comes to voting, Joel suspects the political situation in Europe will come into play.
"All I can say is I think Ukraine are going to do very well in the public vote."
The past year has been a big one for Joel. He played Mick Allsop in Neighbours, making a memorable appearance in a crab costume, but says he has no more "crustacean-based" acting gigs coming up.
"Although I think I've cornered that market," he adds. "If you want a crab or a lobster, come to me."
After Eurovision, Joel plans to concentrate on his Nova drivetime radio show that he co-hosts with Tim Blackwell and Kate Ritchie. He says he and Kate have bonded over fashion.
"We both love our clothes," he explains. "We're constantly pinging little deals and outfits back and forth that we think would suit each other."
Apart from that, Joel has just one aim: "To remind my boyfriend that I still exist, because I've been busy."
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