Why Eurovision hosts Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey aren't deterred by critics

'We don't care!'

There's a lot to love about Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey; their wit, intelligence and ability to make us laugh so much it hurts.
But when the pair assumed the role of Australia's co-hosts for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, they were faced with some unexpected backlash.
Long-time fans and critics were concerned they wouldn't be able to fill the void left behind by former presenters Sam Pang and Julia Zemiro.
But as the dynamic duo return to the commentary box for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest this week, they appear to have squashed the negativity.
In a candid chat with TV WEEK, however, the twosome admits they haven't convinced everyone. And, they don't intend too.
"We managed to charm some [critics], and others can't be charmed [laughs]" Joel, 27, says whilst siting on the verandah of a gorgeous hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.
"And... we just don't care."
Joel and Myf aren't concerned with their critics!
While their predecessors were popular, Myf insists that they can't replicate what others have done.
"We're employed to do what we do," the 44-year-old says. "They [Julia and Sam] did a great job and left of their own accord. We bring our own skills to the table."
"Plus, we're best friends," Joel adds.
"They [Julia and Sam] were put together for the show, but we're actually best friends so there's an entirely new dynamic. I don't think people realise that."
As a stand-up comedian and public figure, Joel says he "gets smashed everytime he speaks".
"People love to have a go at me, so now i think 'oh, whatever'," he explains.
"I can walk down the street and people will find something wrong."

For the ex-Spicks And Specks panelist and broadcaster, Myf says she's not immune to negative feedback.
"After 20 years of broadcasting, I've faced my own criticism too," Myf reveals.
"From my experience, people either like you or they don't; they've already decided.
"There's not a lot you can do about it. And it will pass. It would exhaust you to listen to it."

Thankfully, the backlash is simply "water off a duck's back" for both of them. However, Joel does wish to get something off his chest.
"I can understand not liking me, but not Myf!" he exclaims.
"How can someone not like Myf Warhurst; what has she ever done? Are you a monster? What happened to you as a child? Everybody likes Myf [both laugh]!"
For more hilarity from Myf and Joel, plus all the action from Jess Mauboy, tune into Eurovision on SBS.
The Eurovision Grand Final premieres at 5am on Sunday, May 13 on SBS and again at 7.30pm.

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