DOUBLE ACT: Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst bring the laughs to Eurovision 2018

'Eurovision is like the Olympics, but actually interesting.'

By Tamara Cullen
There will be pyrotechnics, eye-popping moments and sparkles galore when the Eurovision Song Contest returns for another year – and that's just from the commentary box!
Combining equal amounts of hilarity and music knowledge, comedian Joel Creasey and presenter Myf Warhurst are ready to host the SBS coverage of the 2018 singing spectacular.
Ahead of their adventure in Lisbon, Portugal, where the global competition is taking place, TV WEEK catch up with Joel, 27, and Myf, 44, to get the goss on the show – and each other.
This is your second time hosting Eurovision together. Does it make it easier or harder?
Myf: It will be loads easier, because we know what we're in for this time. Last time, we were just getting to know each other. We were a bundle of nerves. Now, Joel is one of my best friends.
Joel: We even went to Bali for New Year's together. We just fell in love in the Ukraine [where Eurovision was held in 2017]. Myf is a divine human. This year, we're going in guns blazing.
The fab duo return for this year's event.
What do each of you bring to the table as co-hosts?
M: I bring the music knowledge, and I'm quite happy with that. But Joel is quite connected with Eurovision and really gets it.
J: Myf brings her expertise and complete professionalism – she is the best in the industry. I bring sex appeal and wine.
M: [Laughs] He brings the laughs too!
What do you love about Eurovision?
M: I remember watching it in the early '90s and loving it. I even watched the Sanremo Music Festival [a popular Italian song contest], which is all in Italian, so I didn't understand it. My family used to say, "Why are you listening to this crap? Go play outside." Funnily enough, I've made a career out of it.
J: I love the spectacle of it all. It truly is the most magnificent song competition on Earth. It's like the Olympics – but actually interesting.
Tell us about your favourite Eurovision story.
M: In Ukraine, there was no catering, so everyone had to line up and pay for sandwiches! [Laughs] But I was enamoured by the contestant from Sweden [singer Robin Bengtsson], and I turned to Joel and said, "Look, he's buying a sandwich!" I then turned into a teenager, waved at him and yelled, "Great show!"
J: She had the biggest crush on him. It became borderline stalker behaviour.
M: Joel thought it was the funniest thing ever!
J: Meanwhile, my funny moment came about after I ate a dodgy chicken Kiev...
It's been a dream gig for the pair.
What are the must-have items for a Eurovision party?
J: Booze, a smoke machine and a Eurovision bingo card.
M: Any time you see mesh shirts, wind machines or pyrotechnics, you drink. Plus, you need to wear a sparkly and over-the-top outfit and bring a plate of food representing a nation you're barracking for – besides Australia.
If you were competing as a duo at Eurovision, what song would you sing?
M: I would insist on "Islands In The Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Joel would make a great Kenny.
J: Or, we would perform the rap yodel ["Yodel It!"] by Romania from Eurovision last year. I would rap, and Myf would yodel. Or perhaps vice versa?
You've both had many celebrity encounters over the years. Which celebrity has been the best or worst?
M: I haven't had any horrible ones yet – there's still time. Beyoncé [Knowles, who rose to fame in girl-group Destiny's Child] was awesome when I interviewed her. It can be hard to break through to people like that. But it's a great feeling when you do.
J: [Canadian comedian] Howie Mandel was rude and couldn't have been less interested in the interview. I was tempted to say, "Look, mate – I don't want to be here either." [Laughs]
The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will air on SBS, beginning with Semifinal 1 airing Wednesday 2nd of May at 5am (AEST) and 7:30pm. Semifinal 2 airs Thursday 3rd of May at 5am (AEST) and 7:30pm

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