Tidelands stars Elsa Pataky and Charlotte Best dish on the first Australian Netflix Original Series

“I’ve realised how lucky I am!”

By Tina Burke
Elsa Pataky and Charlotte Best looked every bit the glamorous screen sirens as they walked the red carpet together at the Sydney premiere of Tidelands on Monday night.
The pair are making history as the leading ladies of Netflix's first ever Australian original series. And, it's a series with an intriguing story to tell.
Tidelands introduces viewers to the small fishing village of Orphelin Bay, where a mysterious commune of half-siren/half-humans, known as Tidelanders, live in the bay.
The alluring Adrielle (Elsa) leads the Tidelanders, who cross paths with Cal McTeer (Charlotte), a young woman who returns home to the fishing village after years in jail. Adding to the intrigue, there's also a massive drug-smuggling operation based in the bay.
Yep, Tidelands is a unique and compelling drama unlike anything we've seen before.
Elsa Pataky and Charlotte Best at the Tidelands premiere in Sydney (Image: Getty)
For Elsa, the exciting new series is a return to work. The 41-year-old star took a break from acting to raise her family with her husband, Chris Hemsworth. Back and better than ever, the Byron Bay resident says she's proud to be in the first Australian original series.
"This is home for me now, so I'm just so happy to be a part of it!" Elsa tells TV WEEK.
"Shooting here and working with all of these incredible people is wonderful. And it's amazing to be able to show off Australia [on Netflix], because we were shooting all around Australia in all these beautiful locations."
The actress reveals her role as the enigmatic Adrielle in Tidelands has reignited her passion for her craft.
"I want to keep it up, hopefully here [in Australia] too! I would really like to keep going with more roles," Elsa reveals.
"The kids are going to school now and it feels great to be part of a show again - And a Netflix show is a great way to come back!"
Elsa stunned at the Sydney premiere of Tidelands (Image: Getty)
Meanwhile, landing the leading role as Cal is a big step for Charlotte, who scored her first acting break as Annie Campbell on Home and Away in 2007.
So how does it feel to have come so far from Summer Bay, to Orphelin Bay?
"It's a dream come true, it really is!" says Charlotte, 24.
"I think the last couple of days, seeing everyone again, the cast and crew, I've realised how lucky I am to be able to take this step in my career at home," she tells TV WEEK.
"I feel so lucky to be a part of it, the producers are just incredible and they're great ambassadors for Australian television and it's great to be along for the ride. I'm very proud!"
Charlotte says she feels "lucky" to be part of the show (Image: Netflix - Hanna Lassen)
So what's in store for viewers when Tidelands premieres on Netflix on December 14th? According to the cast, lots of strong characters and sexy drama.
"It's a fun show, they're such interesting characters," reveals Elsa. "They're sexy, they're powerful, and then the male characters are really strong and powerful, too. So that's what is so amazing about the show, these badass roles – I think it's great!"
Charlotte adds: "Our characters are so alive and we get to experience so many elements. We're fiery, we're fighting, we're very lucky with our characters and our stories!"
Elsa, Charlotte and Madeleine Madden at the premiere (Image: Netflix - Hanna Lassen)
We can't wait! Tidelands premieres globally on Netflix on December 14th.

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