The Bachelor’s Elora: “Matty’s a coward!”

The Tahitian babe isn’t impressed with our Bachie’s break-up technique…

By NW team
The Bachelor Australia's Elora Murger didn’t have much to say as she was booted from the bachie mansion tonight, probably in a bid to process the fact she won’t be having Matty Johnson's babies.
Well, we imagine that’s what she was thinking…
But now, in an exclusive chat with NW, Elora is unleashing her wrath on our Bachie – and let’s just say it’ll burn him harder than her fire twirlers ever could.

“I think it was cowardly of him for him not to hug me,” she tells NW.
“He did not sit next to me and hear me out. I think he was an easy way out for him. I think I deserved a lot more than what he gave me. I deserved a sit down and a conversation. I am a lot to handle but then he told me he would’ve clipped my wings. It questioned my integrity and everything like why I wanted to be on the show. It made me really angry. I think I looked ridiculous because I had nothing to say to him. I was upset.”
And you really can’t blame her for being mad Matty sent her home, given how well suited she and him were on paper – having trumped the other girls in a compatibility group date last week.

“Whatever idea he came up with I think it was twisted he made us go through,” she says of the often bizarre group scenarios.
“He could’ve been more discrete and nice about it you know. I have nothing to say to him right now.”
But just because he’s in her bad books right now, doesn’t mean Elora’s ruled out seeing Matty again.

“I would see him and hug him, and be like ‘Oh my god, you put me through hell. Like s---, I hope everything you put your girls through was worth it!’” she teases.
“I’d hug him tight. You put yourself through a lot as well. It’s probably hard to break girl’s heart.”

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