Electric Fields tipped to win Eurovision Australia Decides 2019

“It just feels really weird!”

By Tina Burke
Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross are the charismatic duo behind Electric Fields, and they're the current favourites to win the first ever Eurovision – Australia Decides.
With their hypnotic submission 2000 And Whatever the pair have wowed Eurovision fans and are sitting in the number one spot in Sportsbets' odds. Followed by Kate Miller-Heidke, Ella Hooper, then Courtney Act.
"It just feels really weird!" Zaachariaha tells TV WEEK of the news. "It's not going to affect anything, but just to know that those types of things are out there… I'm learning new things!
"I didn't know you could tip! I feel like a horse or a dog," laughs Zaachariaha.
"They've put a bib with the number on all of us and they're whipping us!" jokes Michael. "It is a compliment but it can't be taken too seriously, because there are several acts that are really incredible."
Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross are favoured to win Eurovision - Australia Decides (Image: SBS).
Along with the top spot among betting agents, Electric Fields are also a favourite among many of the other artists competing.
"Electric Fields are just so great," Courtney Act tells TV WEEK. "2000 And Whatever is such a great track and if they were to take it out I wouldn't at all be disappointed! It's nice to feel that way."
Courtney even joked about "popping down to the TAB" and placing a bet on the electronic duo.
Meanwhile, Ella Hooper calls Electric Fields the "future" of pop music.
"The calibre of the other acts involved makes me feel very honoured," Ella says. "It's not every day you get to sing next to some of the biggest bands in the country, and also some of the coolest new bands in the country like Electric Fields, they to me are the future of Australian pop music. No s—t.
"They have language in their music, which is great. I think the fact that we've had first nation's performers several times at Eurovision is really – it makes me very proud. It's amazing to see THAT Australia reflected back to me in the world."
All the acts competing in Eurovision - Australia Decides (Image: SBS).
Electric Fields' vibrant performance was met with excited cheers during Friday night's jury show, with the pair saying they feel "really confident" that they'll nail the live show.
Zaachariaha says he's excited to share their song of 'hope' with Australia, especially as he sings in a mix of Pitjantjatjara and English.
"[We wrote the song] to give our babies a mantra to focus on your love for yourself and your lineage, and who you are and what you represent and what you want to be," he says.
"That you are capable of creating that character to go out in to the world to get what you need. These babies need to know that they are in control and in charge of their lives and to not hold on to their insecurities. Be in the moment!"
Electric Fields are excited to perform the song (Image: SBS).
Voting for Eurovision - Australia Decides is already open, and will close 15 minutes after the final performance in tonight's live broadcast from the Gold Coast. Find out more about how to vote on SBS' page here.
Eurovision - Australia Decides airs tonight 8:30pm AEDT live on SBS.

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