Dr Phil's marriage crisis

The self-help guru is in need of some advice of his own as his 36-year marriage hits shaky ground.
He’s helped countless people around the world with his own special brand of straight-talking advice, but now it’s Dr Phil McGraw himself who could do with some words of wisdom.
The psychologist, who shot to fame as a regular guest of Oprah Winfrey before going out on his own with a top-rating talk show, is reportedly having marital woes with his wife of 36 years, Robin. Not even the $30 million mansion the TV therapist bought with cash two years ago has helped ease the tension between the couple, with the sprawling Beverly Hills home becoming a backdrop for fights and screaming matches.
“Since moving Robin into the palatial estate, it seems like their marriage is worse than it was before,’’ a source tells US magazine National Enquirer. “They engage in fights and screaming matches. For Robin, it’s like the place has turned into her own personal ‘house of horrors’ .”
According to US reports, the couple’s recent troubles stem from Dr Phil, 62, hogging the spotlight on his talk show, on which Robin regularly appears. Robin, 58 – a self-help guru in her own right and author of several best-selling books – has had discussions with TV networks about starting her own talk show. But sources say she fears her popularity will wane unless she gets more time to shine on Dr Phil’s gabfest – something he appears unwilling to give her.
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