Spoiler alert! Doctor Doctor stars reveal what to expect in season four

Time to head back to WhyHope.

By TV Week team
The long awaited return of popular Channel Nine drama Doctor Doctor will finally arrive in 2020.
And ahead of its season four premiere later this year, its stars reveal to TV WEEK what fans should look forward to.

Baby steps

Harriet returning to WhyHope and announcing she was carrying Hugh's child made things uncomfortable for his budding romance with Penny.
And in the season finale of Doctor Doctor, Penny (Hayley McElhinney) gave Hugh (Rodger Corser) an ultimatum: stay in Whyhope for good and give their relationship a chance – or leave for the final time.
In 2020, the complications continue. Harriet (Genevieve Hegney) has left town, leaving Hugh to raise their baby girl alone. If Hugh can't get his own life in order, how will he handle a baby?
New dad Hugh leans on mum Meryl as they contemplate the future. (Image: Channel Nine)
"It's been an interesting curve for Hugh," Rodger, 45, tells TV WEEK. "Hayley [Chloe Bayliss] becomes a shoulder to lean on, but it's [being a dad] not without some problems!"
Meanwhile, the wayward doctor faces the fight of his career when things go wrong for the hospital. But this time, his colleagues aren't willing to pick up the slack.
"We've got some great new cast members joining the fold – and Hugh has his naughty moments of course – but the dynamic between them all makes for a great story," Rodger says.
WATCH: Doctor Doctor star Rodger Corser answers his most Googled questions. Story continues below...

Three's a crowd

Matt (Ryan Johnson) has always been the reliable brother – until recently. His marriage to Charlie (Nicole da Silva) is possibly over after she ran off to Bali.
In her absence, he reunited with his former school crush April (Miranda Tapsell).
Their love blossomed – despite Meryl's (Tina Bursill) warnings – and a proposal from April was left hanging in the air.
"Who can you bring in to disrupt Matt and Charlie, but also like watching on screen? Miranda has been that person," Ryan, 41, tells TV WEEK of his popular co-star. "But Charlie is bound to return, so he becomes a very conflicted man."
Will Matt choose April (both pictured) or Charlie? (Image: Channel Nine)

On the homefront

While the brothers are grappling with big decisions, matriarch Meryl has her sights on the upcoming local election.
"It would appear she's in a better place: she has a grandchild and grieved her loss," Tina, 69, explains. "But she's lost focus, so Meryl goes into politics." Caught in the crosshairs is Axel (Matt Castley) and Hayley, who make a brave decision for themselves. Brace yourself – there's plenty more drama to come on the farm!

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