What to expect from Doctor Doctor season two

This Aussie drama is just what the doctor ordered.

By Stephen Downie
Hello, we’ve been waiting for Hugh!
The heart surgeon sent to the country in season one of Doctor Doctor is back… in Bondi?
The opening moments of the new season find Hugh (Rodger Corser) underwater. Literally, not figuratively 
– he’s bodysurfing.
It’s not long, however, before he’s dumped back in Whyhope.
And, just to remind everyone he’s not happy about it, Hugh has set up a countdown clock.
The doc may not like being in Whyhope once more, but there’s something reassuring about seeing Rodger in this role.
He brings just the right amount of charm to a character 
who could very easily be cocky 
to the point of being unlikeable.
The fact Hugh’s still a hero – despite what he does to Penny (Hayley McElhinney) in the opening moments of this season – is a credit to Gold Logie nominee Rodger’s acting talents.
Speaking of such, Tina Bursill, who plays Meryl, lights up every scene she’s in.
Check out the scene where she’s trying on her mayoral robes.
Meryl manages to come off sounding both regal and humble at the same time.
This week’s episode not only serves to reintroduce us to the characters, 
it also moves the story along a bit.
Ram raid: The doctor arrives at work to find a ram roaming the corridors.
We find out Penny is relatively happy in her new life in Sydney.
Meanwhile, back in Whyhope, the hospital is an absolute shambles without her. That’s thanks to new head doctor Nora (Helen Thomson).
Charlie (Nicole da Silva) desperately wants her husband, 
Matt (Ryan Johnson), to come 
We don’t know why he wouldn’t – a hot wife and 
a home with a spectacular view. What’s not to like?

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