Doctor Doctor: Jenni Baird to guest star tonight

Rodger Corser and A Place To Call Home’s Jenni Baird team up together in Whyhope.

By Stephen Downie
Has well-known Aussie actress, Jenni Baird found a new place to call home?
The two-time Logie nominee, and star of Foxtel’s hit drama, A Place To Call Home, has a surprising cameo in tonight’s episode of Doctor Doctor.
The actress pops up as a Danish backpacker named Hilde, who is hysterical when her friend is unconscious after being trapped in a hay baler.

This presents a huge problem for Rodger Corser’s doctor character, Hugh Knight when he arrives on the scene – Hilde doesn’t speak a word of English.
And Hugh can’t speak Danish.
It’s a very different role for Jenni, who we’re used to seeing as the conniving Regina in APTCH. But, how did she get the part?
Turns out, Jenni is mates with DD’s producer/writer, Tony McNamara and cast member, Belinda Bromilow, who plays Betty.
They knew Jenni had studied in Denmark when she was younger.
“Belinda and I are good friends, and she was an exchange student in Norway and I was an exchange student in Denmark,” Jenni, 41, tells TV WEEK.
Jenni as Regina in A Place To Call Home.
The two pals have some fun scenes together in tonight’s episode.
“There is a lot of comedy because there is a communication breakdown as a result of the language difficulties,” Rodger, 44, explains.
The Gold Logie nominee says he was thrilled to work with Jenni in the episode.
“We’re lucky Jenni could take time out of her schedule and come on for an episode,” he says. “The role was perfectly written for her.”
Rodger stars as Dr Hugh Knight in Doctor Doctor.
The part was a first for Jenni as she’d never before acted in Danish – although she’s “secretly wanted to” for years.
Who knows, the role could find Jenni attracting a Danish fan club.
“I would only be too happy for that to happen,” Jenni says.
“And, I’d really like to go back to Copenhagen.”

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