Doctor Doctor finale spoilers: Will Hugh lose Penny forever in a fiery car crash?

This could be the beginning of the end...

By Tamara Cullen
Despite his destructive behaviour, there's plenty of love left in Hugh Knight – and he's finally realised Penny is "The One".
Unfortunately, his romantic declaration could end in tragedy as he races to save her from a fiery car crash.
In tense scenes in Doctor Doctor, Hugh (Rodger Corser) hurries to find his former lover Penny (Hayley McElhinney, both right).
He was on the phone to her when her car collided with another, but he has no idea where the accident took place…
Meanwhile, Penny staggers from the wreckage. Dazed and injured, the doctor crawls to the other car to help.
She's horrified to find a young mother and her children, one of whom is severely hurt. Her quick thinking to call the hospital – and Hugh – not only saves the child's life, but perhaps her own.
"Hugh does help her…. it would be fairly poor form if he didn't!" Rodger, 47, tells TV WEEK.
"We could never say goodbye to Hayley either, so even if Penny did die, we'd bring her back as a ghost!" [Laughs]
Hugh faces losing his former lover Penny. Image: Channel Nine
The following morning, Hugh's vulnerability is replaced by his usual devil-may-care attitude. But this time, Penny isn't interested in his games.
She could sense a hesitation on the phone when she asked if he still loved her. Now, she realises their moment has passed.
"One thing you can be sure of is if Hugh does try, he'll always wait until the very last minute to do so," Rodger explains.
"Perhaps even when it's too late."
Before Hugh can argue his case further, Jarrod (Dustin Clare) arrives at the hospital.
Upon hearing of his wife's accident, he caught the first flight back to Whyhope.
Jarrod is also bearing big news: he's been offered a job in Broome and wants to move there with Penny.
This could be the fresh start they both need. Will Penny say goodbye to Whyhope – and Hugh?
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"The fact that Penny is now married is a pretty big reason for Hugh to stay silent," Rodger says.
"He risks a lot by putting everything on the line to tell how he truly feels, as it still may not make a difference."
As Penny ponders her decision, Hugh must find a way to win her heart or risk losing her forever.
Then again, this could be the maverick surgeon's chance to turn his back on Whyhope and pursue his dreams.

Charlie and Matt take a brave step forward

While romance continues to plague Hugh, others are looking forward.
Charlie (Nicole da Silva) and Matt (Ryan Johnson) have worked out their differences and are happier than ever. Matt's break-up with April (Miranda Tapsell) was the turning point that sent him running back to his ex-wife.
"It's happy days at this point," Nicole, 38, tells TV WEEK.
"They're united, so it's important they savour this moment."
Looking to breathe new life into their romance, Charlie suggests they travel the world.
Matt, however, has The Brewery to look after and is reluctant to leave Whyhope.
But, remembering what tore them apart in the first place – a resistance to compromise – he embraces the idea.
"Matt becomes more enthusiastic about their travel adventure," Nicole says.
"It's great that they find this common ground and decide to enjoy themselves and their relationship outside of Whyhope."
Elsewhere, Meryl (Tina Bursill) continues to fight to push for the closure of the new gentleman's club, The Pretty Titty, which has caused a stir in town.
Her son Ajax (Matt Castley) disapproves of the venue as well ever since Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) became the manager.
When the establishment mysteriously catches fire, however, both Meryl and Ajax become prime suspects!
While they fight to clear their name, Matt uses the opportunity for his own gain.
"Hayley is offered to run The Brewery after losing her job," Nicole explains of Matt's actions.
"Her type-A personality lends itself to running a large venue, and making big decisions, but they might just not be what Charlie and Matt had in mind."
With his business afloat and his life at ease, Matt begins to wonder if they'll ever come back to Whyhope at all….
At this rate, things in Whyhope could look very different soon!
Charlie and Matt are worlds apart - but can they make amends? Image: Channel Nine

Heading back to Whyhope!

Star Rodger Corser says the show was just what the doctor ordered during the COVID-19 crisis.
"With so many productions up in the air due to what's happening, I think people are looking for a show like ours to escape," he says.

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