Do Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic hate each other?

Let the battle of the breakfast TV host's egos begin!

By Bella Brennan
Georgie Gardner hasn't even kicked off her tenure as the new co-host on Today and already whispers are circulating that the respected anchor can't stand her colleague, Karl Stefanovic.
While Georgie admits they've had their fair share of "bumps" along the way and have a "robust" relationship, The Sunday Telegraph columnist Annette Sharp claims their blatant dislike for one another is a well-known fact along the corridors of Channel 9.
According to the columnist, the mother-of-two has beef with Karl's "expansive ego" and in turn, Karl reckon's Georgie is "humourless."
One insider claims the 46-year-old only agreed to return to Today on the proviso she would work with Karl for a year.
"She signed on to the show after having been assured she would only have to do one year with Karl. After that, he’s gone and Nine will recast and she will get to work with someone else," a source alleged.
WATCH: Georgie calls Karl "promiscuous". Post continues...
And apparently, King Karl is more than happy to jump ship and move onto greener TV pastures with industry insiders predicting a move to 60 Minutes.
Further fuelling speculation of a rift, Georgie labelled Karl "promiscuous" in an interview on Today Extra.
When referencing Karl's former Today co-hosts, which include Tracy Grimshaw, Jessica Rowe and Lisa Wilkinson, Georgie quipped: "Well he's promiscuous though, he's had quite a few sitting next to him. I've got to watch him!"
"What is WRONG? This is supposed to be a lovely, feel-good morning and you're calling me promiscuous," Karl clapped back.
"Well you do the maths, there have been a few. But that's okay. I figure now that he's at the best that we'll ever see him," Georgie clarified.
Insiders believe Karl will only be on Today for one more year.
Meanwhile, Georgie refuses to be drawn into discussing her earnings following claims she's set to make less than half of what Karl is paid.
"I'm of the belief that discussing people's pay and contracts is crass and unhelpful," she told The Sunday Telegraph.
"I just don't think it helps anyone. I reached an agreement with Nine that we both deemed fair and I'm very happy and I'm very appreciative."
"I have a contract that has stamped confidential on the front and that is the way I'd like to keep it."
Although there's conflicting numbers kicking around, The Daily Telegraph believes the Perth native will be earning a hefty sum around the "$1 million mark."
While The Australian claims she's been bumped up from $500,000 to $750,000.
It's believed Karl earns around $2 million.