Denise Richards dishes on being a newcomer to iconic soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful

“It was a little daunting!”

By Amy Hadley
Denise Richards chats to TV WEEK about joining iconic soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful as Shauna Fulton.
TV WEEK: Were you nervous about joining a show with such a huge legacy?
Denise: Its following is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It's been on air for more than 30 years, so it can take a while for fans to welcome a new character.
What's been the biggest challenge so far?
Something that I really enjoy: the pace of it, the dialogue and the amount of pages we do. I've been working for a long time, but to shoot two episodes, sometimes three, in a day was a little daunting for me. But it's been amazing. Any actor that has an opportunity to do a soap opera should definitely do it.
Denise Richards joins iconic soap TBATB!
What do you like about your character, Shauna Fulton?
She's a single mum. I can relate to that, and I love that she's a free spirit. She makes choices that perhaps I would make differently, but that's what makes it so fun to play her. She can be a little naughty, but she has a very endearing side to her.
How have the dedicated fans of the show reacted to her?
I don't read too much into things, but from what I've heard, people either love her or hate her. But fans are extremely positive and lovely. It's such a different show, because we're in people's homes every day of the year. I think viewers find comfort and connection in that: it's very endearing.
Any hints as to what might be next for Shauna?
I'm not sure how it's all going to play out. We get our scripts every weekend before the following week, so they [the Bold producers] keep things very secret from us too!
Shauna is welcomed into the fold.
You were also warmly welcomed to The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills this year. What makes you a great fit for that show?
I wasn't sure how people would perceive me. I was very different from a lot of the women. To me, it's a lot of work to get dressed up and get your hair and make-up done all the time. It could have gone either way and I'm so thrilled people have had a positive reaction towards me and my husband [Aaron Phypers].
The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays, 4.30pm, on Network 10.

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