Stranger Things’ David Harbour drops a bunch of Season 3 spoilers

'I hope I don't get those calls from Netflix tomorrow'

David Harbour has spilled all the latest updates on season three of Stranger Things. So much so, he's joking about getting some angry calls from Netflix in the near future.
The star, who was just nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at the 2018 Emmy Awards for his portrayal of Chief Jim Hopper, reveals we'll see more of his character's bad-ass side in the upcoming season.
"I mean, Hopper, in season two kinda became more of a father and he got a little softer in a way that was great, kinda opened him up and we're gonna get back to a little bit of the squash-buckling Jim Hopper from season one where he was going around punching people, which I think we missed," he tells E! News.
"So that's very gratifying to play too but along with his new father thing that he has with Eleven, it's great."
Hopper is set to return to his 'punching people' ways.
The actor also spoke about the plot for Stranger Things 3, which will be set in the summer of 1985 due to the rapidly ageing young actors. It'd be hard to pick up where we left off in the fall of 1984, when Mike (Finn Wolfhard) is another foot taller and Will's (Noah Schnapp) voice has broken.
According to David, the new season and the new timeline for our favourite demogorgon fighting tweens is "awesome."
"I can tell you it's awesome.This season they just came up with this arc and this idea that's so original and so new that and so fun," David tells the publication.
"There's a lot of time in the '80s that we have yet to explore and I think we're starting to play with a lot more of that stuff and so it's risky."
Hopper became a father figure to Eleven in season two.
"We're kinda throwing out the model again and sort of expanding these characters in ways that you wouldn't expect them to go in, so that's what I love about it," he continues.
"You have these characters in this show that is clearly working, and yet the Duffers [the Duffer brothers who created Stranger Things] are continuously interested in exploring the limits and taking risks, and we take a lot of risks this season so there's a lot of new relationships that get set-up and a lot of new devices and a lot of new cinematic influences."
After spilling on his character development and the show's new direction, David joked he'd be in trouble.
"God, I hope I don't get those calls from Netflix tomorrow," he says. "Alright, well good luck to me."
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