Dancing With The Stars 2019 cast predictions

We've got the inside goss on which Aussie celebs will be strapping on their dancing shoes!

By Rebecca Sullivan
It's time to dust off your dancing shoes, because a brand-new season of Dancing With The Stars premieres on Channel 10 next month.
Hosted by Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller, alongside a new yet-to-be-announced panel of judges, the show will see some of Australia's favourite A-listers shimmy and shake their way to the top, to take out the winner's trophy.
The hugely popular show originally ran for 15 seasons on Channel Seven, before the network cancelled DWTS in 2015.
"I can't wait to be part of the spangly madness that is Dancing With The Stars," Amanda Keller, who actually used to be a contestant on the show, said last year.
"Having been a terrified, uncoordinated contestant, it will be fun to lend a sympathetic ear and a spare sequin or two, to a new batch of amateur hoofers.
"I'm so excited. And let's face it, this is the only way I'm guaranteed to get to the grand finale."
After an emotional 2018 and leaving behind his Family Feud hosting duties, Denyer says he is "happy crying" about his new gig.
"The worldwide success of Dancing With The Stars is simply phenomenal and the show has never been stronger," Grant says.
"This series will be much bigger, more glamorous and dazzling than ever. Australia has never seen dancing this spectacular. Get ready for something truly outstanding. I'm so happy I'm crying sequins down my fake tanned cheeks."
So just who are these contestants who will joining Denyer and Keller?
Here are all the celebs rumoured to be strapped on their best sequins and feathers next month.

Cassandra Thorburn

Could DWTS be Cass's big comeback? (Image: Getty)
Rumours have been swirling since last December that Karl Stefanovic's ex-wife Cass would be joining the new DWTS cast.
It would be a great win for the 47-year-old, who had a tough end to 2018, watching her ex-husband marry a woman 10 years his junior in a lavish wedding ceremony in Mexico.
Cass is reportedly keen to put a positive spin on all the negative publicity surrounding her and Karl.
Opening up about their high-profile divorce, Cass says the demise of her marriage felt like a death.
"Last year, I declared that Karl really was dead to me, a man I no longer know, but the children still have their father," she told the Australian Women's Weekly last year. "The flip-side of that is I feel like we're dead to his family and almost anyone from our old life."
It sounds like letting loose on the dance floor with a hunky male dance partner could be just the fun distraction Cass is looking for!

Samuel Johnson

The acclaimed actor with his Gold Logie Award. (Image: Getty)
The Secret Life Of Us actor hinted that he would make a return to the small screen, after taking a hiatus to focus on the Love My Sister charity in honour of his late sister Connie.
"I'm not averse to dancing my way to $10 million… I have 16 left feet, so it'd be hilarious!" Samuel told TV Week last year.
The actor said he felt his sister urging him to sign up to the show in order to help him boost his profile and raise much-needed funds for cancer research.
"I've got two voices in my head: I have Connie going, 'Are you scared?! Do it!' While the other voice is saying, 'Get the f* away!'" Samuel, 40, joked at the time. He famously rode around Australia on a unicyle to raise money for cancer research.
"If I'm prepared to embarrass myself on a unicycle, I'll do anything. I'm keen, so unless they can't come up with the fundraising mechanism, I'll be there!"
Samuel has also suggested if he returned to TV, it would be in a public advocacy role, not as a fictional character.
"I'd like to return to TV, it's in my bones," he said. "But I don't want to do anything that would jeopardise our fundraising. I'm happy to go back [to TV], but there has to be that community benefit. I've got nothing left to prove in showbiz."
Well if he can ride a unicycle, he's probably an amazing dancer!

Michelle Bridges

The fit mama would kill it on the dance floor! (Image: Getty)
Michelle Bridges first got her claim to fame on Channel 10 as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, so could be returning to the network who made her a household name?
Michelle has become famous for her tough "no excuses" stance on health and fitness, so there's no denying she would definitely have the physical stamina required to bash out a few hardcore routines each week.
We'd love to see her ripped body in some of those amazing outfits!

Constance Hall

Hall and her community of 'Queens' are a force to be reckoned with. (Image: Instagram)
If you've never heard of Constance Hall, allow us to introduce you. She's one of Australia's most popular mummy bloggers and she's got an insanely large and loyal following on social media.
Constance has 362,000 Instagram followers who hang off her every honest word.
She is brutally real about the realities of motherhood, marriage, body image and self-confidence.
Just last week she posted a super honest "10 Year Challenge" post, explaining how she used to be rattled with body image issues.
"In 2009 I starved myself and was riddled with anxiety. I believed my worth was entwined with my weight, my happiness was dependent on my weight.
I believed that no man would want me again because I was used goods with the baggage of a child.
"In 2019 I weigh 11 kilos more. I have gone from 1 child to 7 with absolutely no baggage.I have never felt more worthy or sexy or valued before in my life. And most of all I am happy.
Constance, who also appeared on the 2005 series of Big Brother, isn't afraid to show off her body on social media and we love that she's the complete antithesis to those Photoshopped, tiny waistlines all over our feeds.
Dancing With The Stars could use some of her realness!

Miguel Maestre

The Living Room host is super charming on-air. (Image: Getty)
Miguel is the food host of Channel 10's lifestyle show, The Living Room, and it would make sense for the network to keep its talent in the family.
The chef is famous for his cheeky sense of humour and loves to flirt with the camera, so he would be a great hit with female viewers looking for a bit of hilarious eye candy to entertain them.
The Spanish-born star could inject some of his culture's love for dancing into the show. We're sure he would have some killer dance moves!

Denise Scott

The Studio 10 host is bloody hilarious! (Image: Getty)
The Studio 10 host is absolutely hilarious and always knows how to bring the laughs.
Again, she's another Channel 10 celebrity, which makes sense for the network to choose someone already on their books.
While we're sure some celebs will take DWTS very seriously, if Denise were to star in the show, you know she couldn't help but laugh at herself.
That much-needed humour and irreverence would be needed next to some of the other very-serious stars on this list.