Cyclone Debbie stirred up chaos on House Rules

“We were at a massive disadvantage.”

By Helen Vnuk
When Cyclone Debbie smashed Queensland, Ella felt sure it also smashed her chances of winning House Rules.
Ella and Sean from Tasmania, and Kate and Harry from SA, were working on Aaron and Daniella’s Gold Coast house at the time.
The wind and rain damaged the work they’d done in the front and back yard. They were unable to keep working, and eventually, the clock was stopped.
“We knew we were at a massive disadvantage,” Ella tells TV WEEK. “The guys that were at our house in Tassie were not up against the elements like we were. We just knew that we were never going to finish to the standard we wanted to, even if we were going to finish.
“We came to terms with the fact that someone would be going home from that.”
Ella says when the bad weather hit, their priority became saving Aaron and Daniella’s house.
“We all had these beautiful houses renovated and there was a chance that theirs was going to be completely destroyed,” she explains. “I guess you don’t think about the competition or worry too much about your zone or your place in the competition at that point. You’re just worried about your friends’ house, really.”
So have team Queensland and WA twins Andrew and Jono really just been handed a massive advantage in the competition?

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