Could Lincoln Lewis be headed back to Summer Bay?

'I want to go back to the Bay.'

The last time we saw Geoff Campbell he was leaving Summer Bay to become a missionary.
But, we might be seeing more of God-fearing Geoff, if the actor who played him, Lincoln Lewis has anything to do with it. Unlike so many former Home And Away-ers, Lincoln is not averse to returning to the show which made him a star.
"I loved Home And Away, and if they ever wanted Geoff to come back that would be sick," Lincoln, 29, tells TV WEEK. "How could you not want to spend half your week at the beach, and the other half pretending you’re at the beach."
Lincoln won a TV WEEK Logie Award for Most Popular New Male Talent for his role as Geoff. Since then, he has had roles in House Husbands and movies, Tomorrow, When The Began, After Earth and last year’s Spin Out.
However, he is still recognised for his role as Geoff in H&A.
"I miss the show a lot," he says. "It's funny, even last night I had people come up to me and ask me about the show. They still remember me in that."
Lincoln's immediate plans are for him to head to the US for pilot season. But, after that, who knows? Maybe, God willing, we will see Geoff back in the Bay.

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