Costa's “unbelievable” TV WEEK Logies win had us all cheering - here's why

Even Costa was shocked!

By Jess Pullar and Cynthia Wang
The TV WEEK Logie Awards are never shy of a few surprise winners, and this year's awards are proving to be no different.
In a moment that left many initially shocked, and then extremely excited, Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis has taken home the award for Most Popular Presenter.
Costa himself was completely taken aback by the win, saying: "Unbelievable!"
Up against some of Australia's most popular presenters including Amanda Keller, Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly, the presenter accepted the award by telling his riveting back-story."A phone call came to me from a production company back in the mid 2000s saying they were looking for a presenter to host a garden show."
"With an incredible team of people I've been fortunate enough to travel the country and meet people doing positive things," he said.
The television host brought plenty of colour to the Logies red carpet! (Getty)
He then shared his praise for the people who make him "look, sound and appear intelligent!"
"No, seriously, all of our production team does an amazing job." He said.
And as for the sweet characters he showcases on the show, Costa had only good things to say.
"Whether they're bee keepers whether they're land carers, whether they're land carers, whether they're we're out on country, this is for you."
Costa was shocked and thrilled at his big win! (Nine)
As for his coveted Logie, Costa has big plans for it.
"It's not collecting dust. I want it sitting on compost bins. I want it in community gardens. I want it going everywhere. This is for you."
Costa was stoked to win a SECOND Logie for Gardening Australia. (Source: Channel 9)
Speaking with TV WEEK after the win, the two-time winner (Gardening Australia won for Most Popular Lifestyle program) spoke about why chose to wear a floral garland on his beard.
"So I do a wonderful program each year at the Eco Floral Beard competition and I work with Julia Rose and all the young TAFE florists and new florists and they dress beards," he revealed. "
So in this case I worked with Julia and they came up with the design and these are all fresh flowers out of a garden. They were picked today and put together and it's fantastic."
"It's really putting florists and horticulture together," he added.
"I have florals on me and people ask questions then it's just brilliant. Because they say, what sort of flowers are they? They are flowering right now, and they start to think about pollinators and they understand ecology across 12 months and the importance of not just enjoying the beauty of flowers but the deep underlying importance of flowers to our very survival."
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Not only does he wear gorgeous florals - but he also smells great!
"There is quite an aroma!" he exclaimed. "They are coming out as the night goes on. I can smell eucalyptus - yeah it's coming out of here!"
Congratulations, Costa!

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