We caught up with Neighbours star Christie Hayes ahead of this year's TV WEEK Logie Awards

In bed with the returning soap queen.

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After a decade-long acting hiatus, former Home and Away star Christie Hayes made her anticipated return to Australian television screens last month to guest star as Ebony, Pierce's fiery new love interest on Neighbours.
Christie now juggles her time between the Neighbours set in Melbourne and her home town of Wollongong, where she co-hosts i98fm's morning breakfast show and cares for her two young sons.
Taking some time out from her very busy schedule, we caught up with the returning soap queen ahead of the TV WEEK Logie Awards to chat through her favourite Logies memories, motherhood and what she misses most when she's away from home.
From Logies' secrets to creature comforts, watch Christie's chat with TV WEEK Associate Editor Tamara Cullen above.
What do you love most about the TV WEEK Logie Awards?
I know this sounds cliché but I love seeing everybody. I love the Australian entertainment industry and it's so good to see everybody band together.
It's also fun to run into someone you might be a fan of, or even someone you might have a crush on! Growing up in TV, there was always a guy I liked. I remember the first time I saw Dieter Brummer [who played Shane Parrish on Home and Away] — I couldn't believe it; I was so excited!
What's something about the Logies that would come as a surprise to those watching on at home?
It's not as glamourous as people think it is. I mean, it's a glamourous night, but it has to be filmed and then broadcasted across the country, so everyone needs to be on their best behaviour. You have to take turns to leave the auditorium and you have to clap for all the nominees.
On Logies night, are you the type that gets in bed at 10pm or do you roll in at 5am?
I can do both. I do love to go to bed early during the working week, but also love to stay out and celebrate — especially at the Logies. I'm a mother of two so it's not often I can go out late and do something fun!
You travel a lot for work — what creature comforts do you miss when you're away from home?
I miss the chaos of my children! I miss them jumping on my bed and I miss reading them bedtime stories. I also really miss my own bedroom ⁠— it's my ultimate snooze zone. A hotel room is never quite the same as your own bedroom.
On a normal night, what time are you usually in bed?
I'm normally in bed around 7pm or 8pm. I don't always fall asleep at that time but I love to get into bed early because I feel really productive in my bedroom. You can read scripts or a book, respond to people and make some phone calls — there is so much you can do!
Are you an early riser or do you like a sleep in?
I'm definitely an early riser. My alarm goes off at 4am most mornings and I'm out of bed straight away. I'm someone who loves to get up and be busy, but in order to do that you need to have a good night's sleep and a nice bed to come home to every night.
Have you ever fallen asleep on set?
I'm notorious for falling asleep on the job! I've even had crew members walk over me telling me to wake up...
The 61st TV WEEK Logie Awards will be held at The Star Gold Coast, Queensland on Sunday, June 30, 2019.
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