Chris Pratt says he 'would love' to do a Parks and Recreation reboot

'That would be dope!'

By Tina Burke
From Will & Grace, to Gilmore Girls, to Fuller House, almost every show you know and love has been rebooted in recent years.
The Roseanne debacle aside, nearly all the revivals have been smash hits and fans are calling for even MORE retired shows to be brought back.
Once show fans are DYING to see revived is Parks and Recreation. The Golden Globe Award-winning series only came off the air in 2015 but, damn it, fans are keen for it to return!
Chris Pratt, who is currently promoting his blockbuster film Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom, was recently asked if he would reprise his role as Andy Dwyer if a reboot went ahead.
"As long as I'm in town, yeah, I'll do it," he told E! News reporter Will Marfuggi. "It films, like, 10 minutes from my house, so that would be dope. I mean, you can't do Parks and Rec without Andy."
"I miss Andy," he said. "I would love it. I know I would do it."
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The 38-year-old actor, who played the character for seven seasons, also said he thinks Andy would be a "weatherman" if the show came back.
And, yes, Chris has had somewhat of a 'glow-up' in recent years, but his changed appearance was already addressed on the NBC sitcom before it ended.
Between season's five and six Chris filmed Guardians Of The Galaxy and suddenly appeared back on-screen with abs and a lush new hair 'do. It was passed off as Andy's new diet, that involved drinking less beer.
Was Andy equally as goofy and lovable when he was significantly more buff and chiselled? Of course!
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This isn't the first time one of the show's stars has been grilled about a potential revival.
Last week, creator and star Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) appeared on Ellen alongside Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson), to promote their new craft-making reality competition series Making It.
When asked by host Ellen DeGeneres if they would return to the show, Nick joked they would bring it back if Beyoncé would star as the mayor.
Meanwhile, Amy said "I'll speak for everybody and say we will all do it."
As someone who has watched Parks and Rec's seven seasons a solid 20 times, I'm torn about whether or not bringing it back is a good idea.
On the one hand, it would be incredible to see our favourite characters on-screen together again. But on the other hand, should the show really risk its incredible reputation on a potentially dodgy revival? Actually, that's madness. A reboot of the hit series would be like 5000 Candles In The Wind, but better.
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