Allison Langdon and David Campbell host Nine’s Carols By Candlelight 2019

“I’ve watched Carols since I was a little kid!”

Allison Langdon has David Campbell feeling very nervous. It's her first year hosting Vision Australia's Carols By Candlelight and she's told her co-host she's going to be singing a duet with him.
"I've mentioned it so many times, he's concerned I'm serious," she tells TV WEEK with a laugh. "We had a practice the other day, and he went, 'Yeah, no – absolutely no chance you're singing.' I felt there was wriggle room in that, though!"
Jokes aside, Allison, 40, says she's "so excited" to be hosting the iconic Melbourne event, now in its 82nd year.
"I've watched Carols since I was a little kid," she says. "It's been that Christmas tradition – I can't wait."
David Campbell and Allison Langdon are hosting Vision Australia's Carols By Candlelight. Image: Supplied
This year's line-up of performers includes Marina Prior, Rob Mills, Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell.
"Marina is always my favourite every year," Allison adds. "For me, that's what Carols is all about: Marina Prior singing."
David, who's been a regular performer at Carols as well as co-host since 2013, has been telling Ally what a great night it is.
"He looks forward to it every year," she explains. "He said, 'Just wait till you get up there − the lights, everyone singing... it's the best feeling.'"
Married duo Tim Campbell and Anthony Callea are among the performers! Image: Instagram
Watching at home, Allison has always loved seeing the families in the crowd.
"My favourite moment is always when the camera goes around and picks up all the little kids who've fallen asleep."
Her own kids, Mack and Scout, will be watching on TV at home in Sydney. Allison will be flown home straight after Carols so she spends Christmas morning with her children.
"It's my little girl's first Christmas − and my little boy is about to turn three, so he gets it [what Christmas is all about] now.
"It's going to be amazing!"
Allison and her husband, Mike, will celebrate Christmas with their kids, Mack and Scout.
VISION AUSTRALIA'S CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT airs Tuesday 24th of December, 8pm, Nine Network.

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