Cassandra Thorburn's ultimate revenge on Karl Stefanovic: 'I'm a prime-time star now!'

Karl explodes in jealous rage over his ex-wife’s prime time TV debut on Dancing With The Stars.

It is, perhaps, the bitterest pill dumped Today host Karl Stefanovic has had to swallow since his life imploded after a bitter split with his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn.
"He's more likely to throw a brick at the TV than give Cass a standing ovation!" one former close mate tells Woman's Day.
"He's been benched indefinitely, and he's genuinely worried about his future."

Grumpy and lost focus

"It will be the ultimate slap in the face for Karl to see Cass on TV looking fitter than she's ever been. And trust me, he'll be raging behind closed doors. How the tables have turned!"
"I know he's not coping very well with the fact his ex-wife has a great new gig, while he's not even sure what he'll be doing next week. He's made no secret of the fact that he finds it absolutely galling that Cass will be on prime-time TV. It's cut him to the core."
WATCH: Inside Karl and Jasmine's lavish wedding. Post continues after the video...
While these should be the happiest days of his life, weeks after his lavish wedding to shoe designer Jasmine Yarbrough, the honeymoon is well and truly over for Karl.
"He's grumpy and seems to have lost all focus," reports another mate, who says Karl has become increasingly fragile and bitter in the fallout to his humiliating axing from Today.
"He was once very conscious of his appearance, but last time I saw him he was dishevelled, and puffy in the face after piling on the kilos. It must hurt to see Cass looking so fit and happy."
Friends say Karl's frustration over how far his star has fallen in such a short time could even overshadow his plans for a special 35th birthday celebration for Jasmine this week.
Karl's said to be fuming over his ex-wife's high-profile new TV gig. (Image: Media Mode)

Life goes on

Incoming Dancing With The Stars contestant Cass stayed mum when a radio host put to her "revenge is a dish best served in prime time" but friends say she can't help but be proud of how she's transformed her life.
"Anyone who's been divorced also knows life goes on and opportunities come up and you have to be positive and go for it," a beaming Cass told Amanda Keller last week.
The mum-of-three launched her first children's book last year and already has a second book in the pipeline, and is rumoured to be in line for an even bigger role on Ten.
With Karl out of the picture, Cass, pictured with fellow Dancing co-stars Sam Johnson and Sir Curtly Ambrose, has revived her career. (Image: Network Ten)
One TV executive says Cass' background as a very successful TV producer opens up a host of opportunities, on top of rumours she may join Studio 10 as a panellist after DWTS.
"Many forget Cassandra was more successful than Karl when they met – and the bigger money earner!" the exec says, adding she gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mum, but also helped shape Karl's career.
When the Dancing With The Stars announcement came, Ten released a new photo of Cass sizzling in a traffic-stopping red gown that did little to cover up her incredibly toned body.

"She's at it for upwards of four hours a day – it's rigorous and very demanding, but the results have already been incredible," reveals one of her friends of the gruelling dance training for the show, adding the single mum has never looked better.
And if the early buzz is correct, then Cass may also have to fight off potential suitors – and even some of her single co-stars.
Handsome fellow DWTS contestant, actor and charity advocate Samuel Johnson, 40, even publicly declared last week he was already smitten with Cass.
"He's more likely to throw a brick at the TV than give Cass a standing ovation!" one former close mate tells Woman's Day. (Both images: Getty)

Karl's harshest cut of all!

Was Georgie Gardner sending a cryptic message to dumped former co-host Karl Stefanovic when she gifted him a "very nice cheese knife" as a wedding present?
One has to wonder if Georgie is aware of the superstition that gifting a knife will cut the ties that bind a friendship together.
The only way to avoid it is to also gift a coin with the knife.
"I bought him a wedding present!"
So was it an innocent gift or a message? (Image: Channel Nine)

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