Carrie Bickmore makes her return to The Project, but her team weren't afraid to poke a little fun at her

''This feels weird! Hope I remember how to do it.''

By Alex Lilly
After months of enviable European travel snaps, Carrie Bickmore is back on Australian soil and behind the desk on The Project.
Whilst many were delighted to see the TV personality back on screens, her team couldn't resist making some jokes at her expense.
On Monday night, Carrie, dressed in Scanlan Theodore, shared a glammed-up selfie from her desk on the Melbourne TV set.
"This feels weird! Hope I remember how to do it @theprojecttv 🤣 see you at 6.30 💋," she joked in her caption.
However the official Project Instagram account quickly commented beneath it: "We ate all the snacks on your desk while you away. Sorry about that."
Meanwhile Rove McManus, whose company Roving Enterprises produces the current affairs show joked: "Welcome back. Ignore the months-old gum under the desk."
"This feels weird! Hope I remember how to do it." (Image: Instagram)
Carrie was inundated with positive messages welcoming her back as well from her many fans.
"Welcome back Carrie. So glad you had a wonderful time exploring so many beautiful places making many memories with your family 💜💜," one penned.
"Welcome back beautiful lady we missed you ❤️," another wrote.
A third even commented: "Prefer the holiday look..but welcome back. And thanks for sharing your trip."
Ahead of her TV appearance, Carrie admitted she was running on two hours of sleep and that thanks to her children it was on the floor. (Image: Instagram)
The Project fan favourite wasn't afraid to bring the jokes herself and brought out a novelty oversized Toblerone bar for each of her co-hosts Hamish MacDonald, Steve Price and Peter Helliar.
"Didn't get it from duty free, popped to Big W. Actually I didn't, Brad did but they are for you!" she laughed.
Carrie did note Waleed Aly's absence though and speculated: "He's on The Masked Singer isn't he!"
Carrie was sure to bring her co-hosts some souvenirs. (Image: Ten)
On Monday, Carrie shared an adorable photo with her partner Chris Walker and kids Ollie, Evie and Addie as they concluded their European stay.
"Soaked up every last bit of sunshine and vitamin D we could before returning home. Sunshine and ocean makes me so so happy ☀️. But can't wait to see family and friends. ❤️," she wrote.
Later, on the Hit Network's Carrie & Tommy which she co-hosts with Tommy Little, Carrie remarked: "I work heaps and stuff and I don't get that family time.
"I asked Evie what her favourite thing about the entire trip was, and it was and the exact same thing as me, and it was picking her up from school every afternoon."
Even Carrie's 14-year-old son agreed and commented on the family trip: "I feel like I know my little sisters so much better now."
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