Has Carrie Bickmore fired back in the wake of Lisa Wilkinson's lucrative new TV deal?

The Project stars are locked in a bitter feud after Lisa signs a major new lucrative deal

By Woman's Day team
The gloves are off between two of Ten's biggest stars after Lisa Wilkinson announced she had signed a new multi-year deal with the network.
According to a well-placed industry source, The Project's Carrie Bickmore, 40, has been more than ruffled by the news that Lisa, 61, will be the one spearheading a "lucrative" two-year deal based on "pro-women content" despite Carrie giving more than 15 years to the network.
"Carrie has had a gutful. She's told management that there's room for one mega-star on The Project - and it's not Lisa Wilkinson," the source tells Woman's Day.
"Carrie has nothing to lose now - she has her high-rated radio show, and this is the last straw for a woman who has more than paid her dues."
Insiders fear the show isn't big enough for the two hosts Channel 10
Since the announcement, sources reveal tensions are at an all-time high at The Project, with production just as perplexed at the news of Lisa's promotion as Carrie herself.
"You can cut the air with a knife most days when they're around each other," says the source.
"Carrie does her best to make everything happy on set and she hasn't said anything openly to Lisa, but considering all the amazing charity work she does, and she is the legitimate flag bearer for women's issues… if anyone deserves the role, it's Carrie."
The insider adds that if the network doesn't play ball with one of their shining stars, there'll be at real risk of losing her.
Tensions are high between the two women with Lisa coming up trumps Instagram
"Carrie has fought hard to be where she is today and everyone loves her - so if Ten can't give her what she wants, there'll be plenty of rival networks banging down her door to sign her," the source tells.
It comes after Woman's Day revealed earlier this year that Carrie was looking to leave TV in order to focus on her much more lucrative radio career.

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