Neighbours' Carla Bonner hints Steph Scully is leaving Erinsborough

Queensland must be calling!

It looks like Ramsay Street is in for another shake-up! And this time, it's Steph Scully who'll make a dramatic exit, or so actress Carla Bonner leads us to believe.
She hints that the reason her character's storylines are so few and far between is because Steph's departure from Erinsborough is imminent.
The shocking revelation came to light when a fan tweeted Carla to ask why the tomboy hasn't been seen on screens lately.
"You're being weaned!" she replied, adding a telling shushing face emoji at the end.
The mere thought that Neighbours producers are readying viewers for a show without the iconic character has sent fans into meltdown online.
"Nooooo!!" one fan says. "You're one of my absolute favourites. I cried so much when Steph left in 2010, Neighbours isn't the same without you!!"
Another adds: "That sounds like we are losing Steph. Hope not. Bringing in fresh talent is good. But keeping fan favourites is important. You do need some classic Steph storylines tho! Miss the no nonsense biker chick!"
Network Ten is yet to comment on Steph's future, but as fans would know, it wouldn't be the first time she's disappeared from screens.
Since joining Neighbours in 1999, Carla has departed the show twice, once in 2010 when her character was sent to prison and again in 2013 after a two-month guest stint. She returned in 2015.
Her possible exit would follow Travis Burns' (Tyler Brennan) recent departure. Felix Mallard (Ben Kirk), Olympia Valance (Paige Smith) and Andrew Morley (Jack Callahan) also exit this year.

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