Take a peek at the four outrageous obstacles on the new show, Cannonball

Here's everything you need to know about your new favourite family TV show.

By Kietley Isrin
Two years have passed since Wonderland left our screens. Now, former co-stars and Aussie larrikins Ben Mingay and Tim Ross, who played Rob Duffy and Steve Beaumont respectively on the drama, are joining forces again.
They’re the hosts of Channel Seven’s new game show, Cannonball, and are joined by co-host Rachael Finch.
Tim (left) and Ben love working together.
Rachel sounds the horn and they're off!
Each episode, teams of two will compete to see who can fly, slide and soar the furthest. The 36 teams will be in the running to win a new car and more than $35,000.
Take a look at the four fast and furious challenges:

The Jump

Rival high-fliers prepare to splashdown.
Contestants zoom side-by-side on lilos down a 14-metre ramp before being launched into the air. They try to fly as far as they can.

The Blob

When we say jump, you say, 'How high'?
This inflatable launch pad is 10 metres long and four metres wide. A contestant waits on the end of the launch pad while two trained “blobbers” (jumpers) stand on an enormous waterfront tower. After a countdown, the blobbers leap from the tower, land on the other end of The Blob and propel the contestant high into the air.
A giant vertical ruler measures the height they reach.

Swing to Win

This course is one for the fearless.
Heading into the final rounds, contestants are turned into human darts. With a rope swing in hand, team members launch themselves from a large podium. Their aim is to drop into blow-up rings that form a target in the water below. Land in the bullseye and you score 250 points. The two teams with the highest scores advance to the show’s grand final.

The Slide

Speed is the key in this round
One member from each team races another from a rival team, both on boards. The contestants hit the water at high speed and skim to the finish line 40 metres away. First person to touch wins.

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